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Warchant TV: Profiling FSU's 'S19nees' -- DB Brendan Gant

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LAKELAND, Fla. -- Six of Florida State's 22 signees for the 2019 class arrived on campus in January and already went through a full spring season.

In this series, dubbed "The S19nees," we'll profile some of the more decorated recruits who have yet to arrive. And we'll start with Lakeland Kathleen defensive back Brendan Gant, who is a top-50 prospect who has plans on playing and making an impact in Year 1.

Watch the entire video right here:

Highlights from the interview:

Gant on what weight he plans to report to camp at: "Coach (Raymond) Woodie usually asks me all the time we talk what I'm weighing at, and I pretty much stayed the same after football season (and) through the basketball season -- around 190, 195 -- so really I feel like that's where he wants me." Gant adds he'll likely be a little heavier weight once the 2019 season starts.

Kathleen head football coach Anthony Troutman on whether the nickname "BoomStick" is one that has been earned by Gant: "Oh yeah, that's definitely earned, definitely something you can see why others would even tag him as or deem him as "BoomStick" because of the way he comes up and plays the game the way it's meant to be played -- fast and physical."

Gant on whether any role has been laid out for him by the FSU staff: "They say they want me to play, so I feel like it's on me to come in and do what I have to do to take care of business, get bigger, get stronger, get faster, adjust to the system so I can come in and be that guy."

Troutman on how Gant fits the mold of other Tribe19 players in demonstrating leadership: "He's definitely a vocal leader. He speaks well and he speaks up. He makes a good effort to echo the things that the coaches are trying to get across because we know that the good teams have leaders from within ... but it's not just talk".

Check out the bonus footage at the end of the video to see who Gant will be roommates with, what number he hopes to wear and what player he's looking most forward to competing against at FSU and beyond.


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