Weatherford talks about the coaching changes

Quarterback Drew Weatherford spoke to the media on Monday afternoon about the recent news of Florida State's new hires.
Q: What is your reaction to the Fisher news?
A: The whole team is really excited. We're coming off a big win and getting a new coaching staff. There will be a lot of changes made. All the players are really excited about the new feeling around the team. It's unfortunate to lose some of the coaches that we lost and the relationships we lost. At the same time, everybody is extremely excited and looking forward to getting to know our new coaches both on and off the field.
Q: I'm sure you probably heard that Fisher was a candidate. Did you watch LSU's bowl game to see his offense?
A: Knowing Jimbo Fisher was in the mix, I paid especially close attention to the Notre Dame-LSU game. I watched them a little bit since his name came in the mix. I wanted to see how the flow of his games went. They obviously looked really good. They are a very talented team, like we are. I expect him to be able our talent like he used LSU's talent.
Q: I think I read that he has put four or five straight quarterbacks into the NFL. Is that exciting to you?
A: As a competitor and a player, you always want to get better. He's done a great job of taking quarterbacks and making them better every year. I can't remember a quarterback he's had who hasn't gotten better throughout his career. That's obviously exciting for both me and Xavier. We both still have two years left, so we'll really have a chance to work with him and let him take us under his wing.
Q: It's not just Fisher, but him and Rick Trickett and Lawrence Dawsey. Talk about that combination coming in.
A: They all have great reputations. I don't know any of them individually.
I've obviously heard things about each individual coach. It seems like it's exactly what we needed. It seems like they are very strict and demand perfection day in and day out on the practice field. With that, it's very exciting and I'm looking forward to the opportunity.
Q: What does it say about your program and your coach that you guys have such a talented group of coaches coming in?
A: It confirms that we are a big program with a lot of talent. Coaches wouldn't come here from great schools like LSU and West Virginia unless we had the caliber of athletes we have. It also shows how great a coach Bobby Bowden is and how much respect people do have for him around the college football world.
Weatherford was the only player made available to the media today.