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Wednesday practice scrimmage report

Spring Practice HQ
The Florida State football team held its sixth practice of the spring Wednesday afternoon and again spent 14 periods on the practice fields before moving over to the stadium for a half-scrimmage. Defensive end Everette Brown continued an impressive spring with three tackles, which included two sacks, and newcomer Paul Griffin had two tackles for loss (one sack) from his defensive tackle post.
On offense, Drew Weatherford completed 5-of-10 passes for 58 yards with two touchdowns – both of which came in situational scrimmaging from the 12-yard line and in. Greg Carr caught three TD passes in situational with the other coming from walk-on QB Tommy Keane. Geno Hayes intercepted Keane on a pass in the endzone a few plays later. Lorenzo Booker had the longest rush of the scrimmage, breaking one for 47 yards. Antone Smith also had a big gain on a 31-yard run.
In goalline, both the first and second offense were successful on two of four attempts. Jae Thaxton had a big hit in goalline, turning back a runner at the one-yard line.
(on the offense today)
"Our offense did move the ball well. They'd put together a 60-yard drive, but we only run so many plays (in each series so they'd have to go back."
(on the increased scrimmaging this spring)
"I'd like to do it (full contact scrimmage) all the time, but we're not getting enough fundamental drills. These kids are young and they need fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. So when you half-scrimmage like we do, spending the first half of practice getting ready for a scrimmage, then we're neglecting our fundamentals. We'll have to be sure that when we come out in the shells and can't scrimmage that we do a lot of fundamentals and teach these kids how to block, how to tackle, how to get rid of blockers and things like that."
(on Drew Weatherford)
"Drew did not have the success today that he had previously, but I think drops had a lot to do with that and plus I think they got a little bit better rush."
(on the difference between this spring and last spring)
"I'm starting to realize what coach was telling me last year that if I come out here and work hard every day and continue to get better, then the sky is the limit. Now I know that if I give 110% every day, I'm going to get better. I realize that if I come out here and work hard, it will definitely turn out for the best."
(on his big hit that kept stopped a likely touchdown on goalline)
"I just came off a block and it just opened up for me. I saw him come through the hole so I just stepped up and made the play."
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