World Diary: Pryor gets invite to NFL combine, works on 40

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Former FSU fullback Lonnie Pryor is prepping for a career in the NFL, and will follow the 2013 Orange Bowl MVP's progress in his World Diary. This is the second entry from Pryor as told to's D.C. Reeves.
The biggest news this week is I got an invite to the NFL Combine, which is very exciting for me.
They just shot me an e-mail that I was in the NFL Combine. I was just sitting here in my room watching TV at night, I think it was on January 24th, and I saw the e-mail on my phone. I opened it, it said I was invited and it told me they'd call me the next morning. It was a great moment for me. That's a great e-mail to get.
I was on the bubble - they call it the bubble. I didn't get voted in to the combine in the first round, but after all of the juniors declare and they pick some of them, there can be a few spots left they'll vote again to see if you can go.
I wanted to go to the Texas vs. Nation game (Feb. 2) to show off my skills but when I got the invite to the combine I figured I'd rather keep working, get better here and then go to Indianapolis.
They called me the next day just making sure I got the e-mail and I had to fill out certain paperwork and things like that. It starts on February 23rd and they arrange all the flights to Indianapolis and everything. I don't really know when I'll fly out but I'd guess it will be the night before the combine starts.
It won't change my training too much now that I'm in the combine. As the week goes on we do different things. We always work on the three-cone drill and the shuttles anyway, so we'll just keep working with that.
With the 40, we're just getting finished with the 10-to-20 yard portion of it. Now we're moving to the second half of it so everything is transforming to running the whole 40. It's a stepping stone process.
Before I came here I thought you'd just get down and take off. But there are so many little things that go into it - the way you have your arms … our speed coach's whole philosophy is about the first three steps, if you don't do well with the first three steps it can really kill you. We work on the way you get in your stance, the way you take off, how low you are - so many little things go into the 40. In college I just got down there and I didn't really care - I never knew all the technique I know now.
We won't run a whole 40 until about two weeks from now, so I don't even know what I'm running right now. It's a whole process, you can't just step in and run the whole thing.
Off the field, Arizona is growing on me a little bit. I'm not really doing much other than training - I go to the movies a lot. I haven't been recognized by anyone out here really. I haven't seen anyone with FSU gear, I'm just a regular old person out here. When I'm in Tallahassee, people just look at me funny because they don't want to say 'Hi' to you. I always say on Twitter, you don't have to be afraid to come say 'Hi,' I won't bite. When I'm there I get the weird looks and stuff but here I'm just regular old Joe out here, just walking around like it's nothing.