World Diary: Pryor preps for pro career No. 1

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Former FSU fullback Lonnie Pryor is prepping for a career in the NFL, and will follow the 2013 Orange Bowl MVP's progress in his World Diary. This is the opening entry from Pryor as told to's D.C. Reeves.
I had one day back home after the Orange Bowl and I flew out to Phoenix, Ariz. and started hitting it and I've been out here for almost two weeks at Fischer Sports. Just have been working every day. It's a long way from home, and I could have gone to places in Florida but I wanted to come out to Arizona for something different. I know that if I would have stayed close to home, family and friends would always want to drive out and see me. Out here, it's a new experience and I can focus mainly on football. I don't want to postpone people coming to see me, but I'm focused solely on football out here. That's the main reason I'm out here.
I've never been out here before, and the weirdest thing I've seen is what they call jumping cactus. If you get near it, it can literally jump out and catch you. I've seen a lot of cacti, a lot of mountains - the scenery out here is great. But it's been cold, I didn't think it was going to be so cold in Arizona. It's getting better lately though.
There are 18 college players from everywhere working out here for the draft and I'm the only running back here. As of now, I'm going into it open and willing to play running back or a fullback in the NFL. I'm at 229 pounds now and my goal is to maintain that, staying between 225 and 230 pounds. I don't want to get bigger than that. I think I played great at that level this year and if I'm in there, I'll be OK. I'll continue to work on my blocking technique and my footwork along with carrying the ball. Running backs have to be able to block here and there so I'm just working on both.
I haven't really heard any feedback from NFL scouts or evaluators yet so I don't know what they are thinking when it comes to projections and that stuff. I haven't heard a round projection or anything like that. It's a weird feeling because some probably want me as a fullback and others might want me as a running back, you don't know. I think the MVP Orange Bowl game really helped me a lot just to show I can play running back, but it's whatever team wants me, wherever I fit, I'm good.
I'm off on the weekends, but the weekdays are very busy. Take Monday: I'm up at 8 a.m. and I'm training by 9 a.m. We start with a 20-minute abs session, then go straight into speed and agility stuff, just overall conditioning, too. Then we get an 90 minute break, then that's when it gets down and dirty. Just contstant lifting and working out. I get done around 7 p.m. and I'm just ready to fall into bed and relax.
I've started to feel more toned overall, that's the biggest thing I've noticed. I'm also picking up some tips on my 40 time. The goal at Fischer Sports is to get me down to a 4.4, but I'll be happy with a 4.5.
The first time I'll really get to work in front of NFL scouts will be at the Texas vs. the Nation Game in February. I'm really looking forward to that chance.