Xavier Rathan-Mayes academically ineligible for freshman year

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Florida State freshman Xavier Rathan-Mayes will be ineligible to compete in 2013-2014, FSU basketball coach Leonard Hamilton announced Monday.
The NCAA found that some of Rathan-Mayes coursework could not be used to satisfy NCAA initial eligibility requirements.
Rathan-Mayes will be able to immediately enroll at FSU, but won't be able to practice or compete as a freshman. He was the gem of FSU's 2013 basketball recruiting class, the No. 7 shooting guard and No. 30 player in the country in his class.
Hamilton said he only found out about Rathan-Mayes' loss upon the team's return from a two-week trip to Greece. Rathan-Mayes did not accompany FSU on the trip.
"We're going to miss Xavier, but you just go with the hand you're dealt," Hamilton said. "That's that."
Rathan-Mayes' loss leaves the Seminoles with just two freshman on the roster for 2013-2014: three-star prospect Jarquez Smith and former baseball player Brandon Allen.
Hamilton said FSU would do as much as it's allowed to do with Rathan-Mayes to try and keep him involved with the team, but he didn't expect Rathan-Mayes to fall off.
"If there's anybody who could stay sharp - because he's always had that gym-rat makeup," Hamilton said. "That's part of his everyday routine."