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'94... Halftime in the lockerroom... down vs. the Gators. I've never really be scared or intimidated in anything football related but I was scared stiff after the lashing he put on the team. Just looking around the room, all those legends we idolize... scared and shamed too. Motivational experience.

And I was called "Buddy" in the elevator or halls of the Moore center too. :)

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Over the years, I have played in many Bobby Bowden golf tournaments. From Tampa to Jacksonville to Pensacola, and a lots of places in between. I have been on two winning teams, which were memoriable. But, my absolute best memories were of a tournament in St Augustine, back in about '86 or '87. The north wind was howling and I was on number 1 tee. Bobby was on the team right behind me. Everyone was nervous and cold; I hit a really solid drive down the middle. Bobby walks up, puts his arm around me, and stated to the press entourage, "This guy is on my team"!! Then, when we moved up to Deerwood in Jacksonville. Again, Bobby was on the team right behind our team. On either 17 or 18, a 198 yd par 3, the prize for a hole-in-one was a new car. The Dealer was on the tee box with us, as was Bobby. I hit a 4 iron that stayed on the pin all the way, hit the green, and rolled with 3 inches on the pin. The Dealer cryed "Oh my god" and rolled over on the grass. Bobby sure thought that was funny, and so did I!

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My favorite (or not so favorite) personal moment - Day before the Sugar bowl vs. Georgia a few years back, I went to hear him speak at the FCA's prayer breakfast. I had come prepared with camera in hand to have my a friend take a picture of me with Coach Bowden. I didn't think I'd get the chance, but I did. Without coming across as a crazed fan, I approached him after he spoke and as he was walking out. I asked, "Coach, do you mind if I get a picture with you?" He said, "Son, I'd be happy to." He then proceeded to shake my hand harder than anyone has ever shaken it, and then slapped me on the back harder than I had ever been slapped. A little painful to be honest. He put his arm around my shoulder idiot friend could not work the simple point and shoot camera, so the flash finally goes off as Bowden is walking away. I do have the picture, but he's walking away and I am saying thankyou. If I just had a do-over.

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It was 1981 I think when we played OU in the Orange and lost. We missed a last minute field goal (shocking I know). I was 10 years old and was upset about the loss. It was raining. We were driving back to the condo and were at a stop light. My cousin looked to our right and two cars over was Coach in the backseat of a car. He elbowed me and said, look, there's Coach! In the rain and all, and without hesitation, we lept from our car and ran to his. We knocked on the windiow and he rolled it down. We simply told him "Good game Coach." He smiled a real smile, said thank you, and shook our hands. He went on and we jumped back in the car. I remember it was like yesterday and gave me chills to write this. This is the Coach I will remmebr and tell my kids about, and not the way it ended and not the handling of the Jeff hiring and firing. Thanks for the memories Coach.

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Originally posted by krupster:
'94... Halftime in the lockerroom... down vs. the Gators. I've never really be scared or intimidated in anything football related but I was scared stiff after the lashing he put on the team. Just looking around the room, all those legends we idolize... scared and shamed too. Motivational experience.

And I was called "Buddy" in the elevator or halls of the Moore center too. :)

I guess it worked, huh?

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Best thread in warchant history. I don't know if this is possible but I really think the MODs should copy this thread and send it to the Bowdens in some capacity.... just to show him how much he meant to each and every one of us. Something like this would be the best kind of parting gift bobby could ask for... even more-so than money, in my opinion.

Never attended FSU. Never got the chance to meet Bobby Bowden. I've only had the opportunity to stand about 5 feet from him as he walked in from the spring game. Without the man even looking at me, I was still awestruck... and am now seriously considering going to jacksonville, or nashville, or charlotte, or wherever we end up. Don't care what the cost is.

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My husband and I went on the Bobby Bowden cruise this past March and thoroughly enjoyed being with all of the coaches. We were invited to have lunch with Bobby and Ann and had a great time. But the best of all was when Bobby and Ann came down on the beach and sat in the lounge chairs right next to us and chatted like we were old friends. He was reading a book and fell asleep later. But that struck me as to how accessible the Bowdens are and how lucky the Noles are to have had them in our lives for all these years.

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After we won the first National Championship Game in 1993, he came to Philadelphia for one of his spring visits to the Seminole Club of Delaware Valley. We had 140 people show up for the golf tournament and 150 for the dinner. I had my picture taken with him. During the dinner, one of the Mummer bands came and played the FSU Fight Song. He absolutely loved it. And we were so honored that he came all the way to Philly for our Booster Club. It was a day I will never forget.

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i snuck over to the opposite side of doak (where no fans were) during a spring game and was looking around, saw bobby surrounded by a bunch of reporters and walked into the middle of them and asked for an autograph. He paused the reporters and laughed and signed my shirt. This was in 90 or 91 i was 7 or 8 years old.

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Originally posted by BellyNole:
My moment comes from one of the most difficult times in our program's history, Devaughn Darling's death.

In the semester Devaughn passed away (Spring 2001), I was his Composition instructor (I was a young English TA then). It was a tough thing, as I found out about his death just before our class met, and I had to tell the class why he wasn't there. That was a horrible experience, I can tell you.

Anyway, Devaughn had just written and submitted a descriptive essay about his mother. It was an excellent essay, full of life and love for his mother. He'd received a very good grade, and I remember being excited for his effort. Unfortunately, Devaughn died before I could return the essay to him.

So, I went to the memorial for Devaughn that was held in Ruby Diamond. Afterwards, I stayed around, waiting for folks to clear out. I was looking to find Devaugh's mother to give her his essay. I know that may sound like an intrusion, but it was the only thing I knew to do - the only way I felt I could pay my respects. However, I did not find an appropriate opportunity to approach his mother before she left.

Instead, I found found Bobby, standing by the stage all alone. I had never met Bobby, but I went up to him anyway. I explained as quickly as I could why I was there. He was certainly having a difficult time. I handed him the essay, explained what it was, and asked if he could get it to Devaughn's mother. He quickly scanned the first page or so before looking up at me. I swear I could see his thoughts turn back to Devaughn and his mother, perhaps to their living room and his official visit.

"Mommas are special people," Bobby said. He folded the essay from top to bottom and put it inside his front suit pocket. Then he wandered off.

Of course, I can't say for sure that Devaughn's essay found its way to his mother, but I have to believe it did.

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Wow that is amazing. I knew Devaughn and Devard, they were Seniors when I was a Freshman and they were both bright and great individuals. Thanks for sharing.

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Two years ago, after the recruiting wrap my friend and I were leaving the University club. Coach walked by and took the time to take pictures with us and sign autographs extremely personable and gracious.

Back when I was young, I loved fsu more than anything in my life. When we won in 93 my family came up to Tallahassee for the parade. My aunt Sherrill Ragans worked for fsu. She introduced me to him, and he took 10-15 min before the parade to talk to me.He told me to work real hard and someday I could go to fsu too. I believed and I did.I still count him as a huge reason why I am at fsu.

You will be missed coach.

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Wow great thread! I'll never forget a late wednesday afternoon in 1981. I was 11 years old and had been playing golf about 2 years at that time. I usually spent most summer days playing golf at Hilamen. Of course I was slow and really a bother to most at that age around the course. I was always looking for someone to play with. Well this day I had tried countless times with no takers. As i was on the 4th green this guy is playing by himself in a cart and much faster than me. So i wait on the 5th tee to let him play through. That was the best 14 holes of my life. Coach Bowden plays up and instead of leaving me in the dust lets me play the last 14 with him. While i know it's time i'll never forget how gracious he always was with his time. God bless you Coach you will be missed but never forgotten

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Unfortunately I don't have a Bowden moment to share but as I read this thread I have tears welling in my eyes and a huge sense of pride to be a fan and supporter of Coach Bowden and FSU.

All of the accolades that have been shared here remind me of the quote from one of the broadcasters during the MNC game last year. He said that spending 10 minutes with Tebow will change your life. Apparently he never met Coach Bowden. Sorry Tim but you couldn't carry Coaches hat.

The true testament of a person is the things you never hear about such as these. It's what you do when the lights aren't on you and your not the center of attention that matter the most.

Maybe one day I'll have a BB moment to share. One can only hope. Thanks Paul for starting this thread. It should be saved in perpetuity.

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After the 99 MNC, I contacted the Moore to find out about some drill tapes and they put me in contact with Coach Gladden about purchasing some D-line drill tapes. While discussing the tapes I mentioned how much I would love to come to spring practices for a week, if possible, and see the spring game. I was fortunate to go to Nebraska for a week and see their spring game after their first MNC and Coach Osbourne and his staff were awesome. Kevin Steele was the LB coach at that time. Anyways, Coach Gladden put me in contact with Coach Lilly he took my info. After the dates were set, Coach Lilly contacted me and let me know that they would be looking for me. LOL......I thought, yea right! Well, I went and sure enough Lilly remembered talking with me. When he intoduced me to Coach Bowden he asked where I was from. I told him Indiana and we discussed college football in Indiana. I mentioned I knew Bill Mallory, who really turned Indian around in the 80's and early 90's and Coach Bowden went on and on about how much he respected Mallory. Then he asked if there was anything I needed. Well, I forgot my notebook and clipboard at home. He called his secretary in and told her to make sure I got everything I needed. He took about 30 minutes out of his day just to talk to me. Addtionally, he introduced me to all the other coaches and told them I had permission to sit in on any unit meetings I wanted to and to roam at practices and take notes and ask questions. I got full access for that whole week. All this for a high school coach whom Coach had never met in his life. I was very gracious and feel lucky to have had the opportunity.

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Great stories. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

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I have met coach Bowden 3 times in my life. The first time was on campus when I was a student; I just ran into him walking alone on campus one night, it must have been in the late 1980's. I just said "Hey coach". I think he said "Hey buddy, how's it going?". I didn't have the guts to start up a conversation, I was just dumbstuck.

The second time was during his book signing here in Atlanta. He was with his son Steve. The crowds were enormous, and he waited until every last person got their book signed. Again, I was pretty speechless.

The third time was during one of the alumni dinners here in Atlanta. I didn't realize it at the time, but I guess I paid a little extra to have a photo with the Coach. What I did not know was that I would be pulled from a long line to have a personal photo with him and Warrick Dunn. My favorite moment ever. I walked up to them, put my arm around them both and exclaimed "My two favorite Seminoles"! The picture sits above my desk in my home office.

I wish I had approached coach Bowden more now that I hear all these stories. I guess I figured he would like to be left alone, but it sounds like he genuinely loved talking to people.

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Can we pin this to the TC page? I think it would get more views there.

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I have met and talked to coach Bowden on several occasions, but my favorite moment came after the spring game in '02, I think. I was standing outside the stadium getting autographs for my 10 year old and out walked coach Bowden surrounded by security. He started taking pictures and signing autographs and my son and I were in the back of the line following the group to his car. just as we got close to the front of the line, security said, "no more, Coach has got to go". Well, this didn't go over to well with me because my son wanted his cap signed so bad, so I went up to him anyway and asked in the nicest way I knew how, if he would sign my sons hat. naturally he said " I sure will, buddy". While signing the hat, I was taking a picture of him and he looked at me and said, " Daddy, let's walk over here and we'll get a good picture for this boy." He put his arm around my sons neck while I took the picture and it was one of the happiest days of my life. I have it blown up on my desk at work. He did not have to even stop and sign my sons hat, after security had said "No more", but he did and even volunteered for the photo with my son. What a great human being. I will always love Bobby Bowden and I will always love Florida State.

Posted on 12/6 4:07 PM | IP: Logged

I have two. First, I was a student in the early 80's and I walked my dog up to campus to wait for my future wife to get out of an evening exam. It was a blond Lab/Golden mix about 8 months old and I was sitting on the steps of the building where the test was. I guess there was a banquet of some sort in the building because out walked Bobby and Ann dressed pretty well. He could have walked right by me but instead made a point to come over, compliment me on having a nice bird dog and generally talk about the dog, school and general stuff for a couple minutes. He then said "Have a good evenin" and left. Second, Some friends and I were golfing at Hillaman Park and noticed Bobby with a group playing behind us. It had been raining for a few days prior and the ground was pretty wet in places. My friend hit a ball that rolled into the water and took the cart over to see if he could find it. The cart sank in a patch of mud and got stuck. A few minutes later after trying to get the cart unstuck, Bobby pulls up with some pretty big guys. He asks if we need some help and proceeds to tell the other guys to get our cart out of the mud, which they graciously and easily did. We probably would have been there for a while. We let them play through and had a pretty good time the rest of the day. Every time I have ever encountered the man he has been nice, down to earth and very classy. I will miss him as coach but I have many wonderful memories of him to last forever.

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Two things that I'll always remember for as long as I live were while I was working for Coaches Video.
First memory was my first day filming practice. I was coming off the practice field carrying all of my equipment and Coach drives up next to me and offers me a lift, I was only a few yards from the door but he offered me, some 19 year old ( at the time ) grunt worker a ride. I politely declined being I was close to the door to Moore, but I was so shocked that a Legend like Coach stopped and offered me help.
Second, was when we used to go down to Clyde's and Costello's on Wednesday for lunch. We generally would bring back either a lunch plate or cookies for Coach since he liked them so much. ( Really great times when Odell would come along! ) I walked into his office and he and Gene are sitting with their feet up. Kind of odd, but funny moment for me. Great thing about Coach was he was always gracious and polite about everything. I'll never forget my 4 years at FSU.

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Seminole Cruise (coaches, wives, etc) in March 2001. Got to have dinner at Bobby and Ann's table on my birthday with my fiance (now wife). Formal night, so everyone looked good. Took a billion pictures. He was priceless and I was his "buddy" the rest of the cruise. Priceless!!

Posted on 12/8 11:27 PM | IP: Logged many great memories. The countless comments, interviews, press conferences, Bowden dinners are all priceless. I'll share a few of my personal experiences:

The first time i met Coach was at the Bowden QB camp in Auburn in the mid 90's. My older brother was in the camp and we were in a clubhouse or something waiting for Coach after practice to meet him. I was 11 or 12 at the time. I was with my parents, and we were talking with Terry. After a few minutes with Terry, i asked him "When is your Dad gonna get here?". Terry just laughed, and said that's usually the question people ask. Coach showed up a few minutes later, and Terry sent him immediately over to us. He sat with me and my parents and talked for a long time. Obviously made us feel we were the most important folks in the nation. Great first impression from Coach.

My favorite "Bowden moment" is a tie between the time i was in his office and he remembered me by name instead of "Buddy" (when i worked for the Boosters when i was in school) and the day i got to hang out with him for the Bowden golf tournament.

So many great memories.....Thanks Coach!

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2 stories

One of my first memories of FSU Football is running around all the tailgate lots when I was little(early 90s). My parents parked in the circus lot for every game and tailgate with friends. All the kids would get together for football or just to run around. The kids would usually make our way over to Moore center to see the FSU players get off the bus, this was when the players walked thru the old Moore Center to the locker room. I remember just standing next to the locker room entrance watching them all walk in, Bobby stopped and asked me if I wanted an autograph, he borrowed a sharpie and signed my FSU hat before going in, my day was made. My parents and their friends were very impressed, and all the kids were jealous.

2nd story takes place in 2000, I was on the Lincoln golf team and working at Killearn Country Club. It was getting toward sundown and we were just waiting for people to bring carts in, I usually used this time to practice my chipping and putting on the green behind the pro shop. While I was putting, Bobby came up and started practicing on the same green. We putted separately for a few minutes and started making small talk about golf. We ended up having a putting contest for about 30 minutes, didn't keep score just took the same shots. He headed home at dark and I got back to work. A few weeks later a member asked me to fill out his group since one of theirs didn't show, I get to the tee box and theres Bobby! He hits the ball pretty straight, just not too much distance. I didnt get to share a cart with him, and he got a call and left on the 4th hole, oh well. Damn I miss that job.

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My moment with Bobby came in the summer before the '93 season. I was picking up my girlfriend and her family at Tallahassee Airport and their flight arrived around the same time the coaches were coming back from their cruise. I summoned up the courage to walk up to Coach Bowden and said "I think this is the year coach." He agreed and then spoke to me one on one for about 10 minutes about the offense and especially the defense and how great they were. I was simply hoping for "sure hope so" or something but he took the time to find out that I was a Junior at FSU, majoring in Political Science and where my girlfriend's family was coming back from along with the summation of both sides of the ball. Coach Bowden has always been very friendly and willing to take the extra minute to speak to someone and I have never forgotten that.

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This is something that I needed to read, and I'll keep around for a while.

I've been lucky enough to hear him speak a bunch of times and see him or be in the same room with him a lot more. I've only spoken to him a few times, since I tend to not "tug on Superman's cape" very often.

The most I ever spoke to him was at a call in show, after the '97 Miami game, the 47-0 Miami game. I got Coach Bowden and Gene to sign my scorecard from that game and it hangs in in my FSU room at the house, right by my signed '99 football signed by the whole team, even Miss Sue.

I joined the "Buddy Club" and he was the sweet and generous man that many were sure was an act. It wasn't.

Typing with a knot in my throat, and it won't be the last time.

Posted on 12/19 2:49 PM | IP: Logged

My story is small and simple, but it gave me a view of Coach Bowden that I missed just watching him on TV. I only met him once in my life and it was a thrill for me. My son, Nick was young and heard that Bobby Bowden was speaking at the Wakulla County middle school and wanted to attend. He took a football to be signed and I was wearing a Seminole patchwork ball cap that I had made. I could see Coach sitting across the room at a table talking to everyone as if they were long time friends and graciously signing everything that came his way. My son and I made our way across the room after the crowd thinned to get his football signed. I was amazed at how personable, friendly, warm and easily he could converse with any age person in front of him. After he signed Nick's football and joked around with him a bit, he looked at the hat on my head and asked to see it. He studied the construction of it intently and asked if I made it to which I replied, "yes, sir." As he flipped the hat over and over, he mentioned how much he liked it and I shyly asked if he would sign the brim, which he did. Although I was personally proud of how this Seminole patchwork hat turned out and have had people ask where I got it, I was pleasantly surprised that Coach Bowden actually noticed it and took as much time as he did to check it out and comment on it, with others still standing around waiting to see him.

I posted this part in another thread, but felt it was even more appropriate here. Bobby Bowden and FSU have been synonymous for me since I moved to Tallahassee in the early 1980's and became an almost instant fan, much in part due to the infectious atmosphere. I can remember walking in Gov Square Mall when it was much smaller (almost half the size) and hearing the games broadcasting from different stores and hearing the cheers throughout the mall as a result of a great play or a touchdown. Then I would run to the one store that had TV's showing the game to watch the replays or Bobby's half-time interviews. That warm memory is chiseled in me forever. His departure, is something that is weird for me and his half-time and end of game interviews will be sorely missed. While I will always be a fan, it just won't have the same feel to it for me. Bobby Bowden gave me that comfort zone. I knew, like the father he was to his "boys" on the team, he would be there and never abandon FSU for another school.

I know future fans will grow up in a new era of FSU football and will not share these bittersweet and sad feelings of witnessing and feeling the loss of Bobby Bowden as FSU's football coach. As a fan, I will always look forward to a bright future for the team and will support them and the coaches. However, I will always hold the Bowden years near and dear to my heart. That was the essence of FSU football for me.

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In 1989 I was stationed at Ft. Jackson in Columbia SC. FSU was playing South Carolina (think we won 35-10) and Coach Bowden was the guest speaker at a prayer breakfast. I was in attendance in my uniform and after the meeting he came up to my wife and I, he talked with us for a few minutes. We discussed his interest in military history and how FSU was going to do against the Gamecocks. As he was leaving he thanked me for my service and wished me well in the future. I have always felt he was a class act, but I am happy he has decided to retire and turn the program over to younger coaches.

Posted on 12/21 4:19 AM | IP: Logged

When I was about 17 we were in front of the stadium throwing the football around and coach pulled up as he was going into his office. He said hey buddy and gave me a look like that kid looks like he might be a player. The other moment is when coach came to talk at a church in Pensacola and me and my dad went to see him. We took that picture in my sig with him 3 months before my dad died.

Posted on 12/21 4:16 PM | IP: Logged

My story is short but sweet and the impression this man has had with me will last a life time. I dated one of his grand children. For the first few times I met him, it was always the same "Buddy" name that others have said as well. Then, at the Orange Bowl, I walk into his hotel room and he calls me by name. Flabergasted, that he took the time to remember my name, since I was just another guy. Bobby is a class act and I think these stories should be printed, bound and mailed to Bobby. Just a thought.

Posted on 12/23 6:48 AM | IP: Logged

"I think these stories should be printed, bound and mailed to Bobby."

Already working on that.

Posted on 12/23 7:12 AM | IP: Logged

Just the influence Bobby made in my life and the love I have for everything FSU is thanks to him. He moved in to town just after we did and is just down the street. I feel like I've known him my whole life. I lived and breathed FSU back when I first went to FSU in 1980. I didn't care about anything else! He was the King of the Road and we would go to Mugs and Movies for every away game and out on a blocked off TN street afterwards. What exhilaration, what fanatics we were, and how proud we all were for FSU because of what Bobby was able to accomplish. I've never been prouder. Working part time at the Winn Dixie at Carriage Gate while in school, he would come in at least once a week for years "Hey buddy, what aisle is the sugar on", Hey buddy, what aisle is your cookin' oil on", "Hey buddy,...." I would freak out everytime he showed up! Would run in to him on the golf course all the time, but never bothered him for anything, just tried to let him have some peace and quiet. Have been going to the Monday luncheons for years and it's always been a pleasure to see Coach - he's a riot! I'm going to have to get all those older Bobby Bowden show recordings I made from way back and check em out, just for the memories. Thanks Coach!!

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2 years ago my 8 year old(at the time) ask me when Bobby was going to retire. Chuckling to myself because of the sentiment that was brewing among the masses I asked him why he wanted to know. He said he wanted to know because he wanted to play for him.

I laughed and told him he should write Bobby a letter and ask him. 2 weeks later after I forgot about the conversation, my son gave me a letter to send to Coach Bowden. Within 2 weeks from sending it my son got a letter back from Bobby, telling him that he will keep an eye out for him, but that he needs to do good in school and be good to his family. Trademark Bowden stuff.

Needless to say Bobby has a fan for life in my son, and in me....

Posted on 12/24 8:05 PM | IP: Logged

FSU playing UM in the Orange Bowl and I brought my then 6 year old daughter to the luncheon which was at Parrot Jungle that year. Each table had a commemorative helmet as the centerpiece and at the end of the luncheon, everyone was told to look at their seat bottom for a "thing" which indicated they got to keep the helmet - an AT&T exec had the lucky chair but he gave it to my daughter. She immediately wanted Bowden to sign the FSU side and Coker to sign the UM side. We went to the head table where both coaches were grinnin' and grippin', and signing autographs. Bobby saw my daughter (with the helmet bigger than her in her hands) who I was holding her in my arms to keep from being trampled and he called for me to come through the crowd and bring my daughter to him. He held her as if he were her grandfather and told the crowd that she was the cutest little Nole he had ever seen. He signed the helmet and posed for a picture. Bobby made my daughter feel so good and proud to call herself a Seminole.

Posted on 12/26 8:17 AM | IP: Logged

All great stories that blow mine out of the water. Never personally met him. But three years ago I took a run early in the morning on a gameday at Doak. Lived at Indian Oaks West on Jackson Bluff and caught him as I was jogging back. He was waiting for a green light at the intersection of Stadium and Hendry on his way to Doak. Ran in front of him and gave him a wave and thumbs up. He gave me a thumbs up back.

Posted on 12/27 11:20 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by JMGNole:
"I think these stories should be printed, bound and mailed to Bobby."

Already working on that.

Is our personal information going to be included? I'd like mine to be in there. If this is something you're going to do, i'll email you my info. Thanks J.

Posted on 12/28 8:59 AM | IP: Logged

For me, it was meeting Bobby and Ann at the Gainesville High School Football Banquet in 1980 and convincing them to come help us start a Gainesville Seminole Boosters club. I was a school teacher and another school teacher friend of mine (we were both 62 graduates) had heard that Bobby was going to speak at the Gainesville High School Football banquet so we drove out there and waited outside until he and Ann came out from the banquet. I walked up to him and bravely asked if he would help us start a club in Gainesville. He smiled real big and told me to get some people together and give him a call. As they left Ann turned and said to me, "We will make it happen" Several months later, we had a crowd of over 100 to greet him at our first Gainesville Seminole Booster Event. He and Ann are a class act and never turned us down over the years for any special request. As a result, we had over 200 members in Gainesville. He often laughed telling the story about "two little old school teachers" ambushing him in Gainesville and taking him captive. His kindness, faith, integrity will be greatly missed along with his great football moments he has brought us over the years. Never forget beating Nebraska, Ohio State and Notre Dame on the road.

Posted on 12/28 1:49 PM | IP: Logged

I believe it was 1981. I live in Cairo,GA, and the Syrupmakers were Playing Americus Ga, @ Home. Bobby was attending the game checking out some HS prospects. I told my father he was at the game, and he told me to "Ask coach Bowden if he had gotten the box of collard greens he had sent to him last year". (My father back then used to ship greens up north as a side business)

I saw coach Bowden at the north endzone fence, watching the game,..and I walked up to him, ask for his autograph, and while he was signing a paper plate I had dug up for signage, I asked if he had gotten his collard greens my father has sent? He told me "You tell your daddy I did get those collards,...and cooked them all and eaten them all within two weeks, tell your father Bobby Bowden said thank you very much." My father sent him a Box of Collard Greens every year till he sold his greens business in 1995.

I remember back then, all my friends were GA Bulldog fans, and they laughed at me for being a Seminole fan. Thank you coach Bowden, for allowing me to have the last laugh.

I was 13 years old then, and now I am almost 42,... Bobby I will never forget you. You made a great impression on me back then, and you will be sorely missed!

Posted on 12/28 8:21 PM | IP: Logged

Matt, I hadn't planned on going that far with it. I just planned on collecting the stories, creating a cover and getting a copy to Coach Bowden.

If he replies, I'll post it.

Posted on 12/28 9:45 PM | IP: Logged


Will you be incorporating yeti's thread on Bowden memories as well?

Posted on 12/29 10:01 AM | IP: Logged

Yes. I won't include names or identifiers, just the stories and comments that are appropriate.

Posted on 12/29 10:35 AM | IP: Logged


Posted on 12/29 10:18 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by JMGNole:
Matt, I hadn't planned on going that far with it. I just planned on collecting the stories, creating a cover and getting a copy to Coach Bowden.

If he replies, I'll post it.

Sounds good. These stories are priceless.

Posted on 12/30 2:27 PM | IP: Logged

My son was 4, FSU had beaten Miami in Miami and it seemed like all of Leon County was at the airport to greet the team --- Coach Bowden was the last person walking by us and my son approached the Coach and asked him to sign his arm! Coach looked at us and then asked Marc, "son, do you think your parents mind?" Marc did not wash his arm for at least a week --- and to this day loves the man not for his wins but for his faith in God and love of family. One of my best hours on earth was having Coach Bowden in my car - my job was to drive him to the hotel here in Charlotte, NC - and dang if we didn't get stuck in traffic for a full hour!! Priceless.

Posted on 12/31 1:50 PM | IP: Logged

Bowden slamming down 2 Quiznos subs between the locker room and the bus after the Noles beat the Buffs in felt like 2am and he was walkin and eatin-awesome display. I will miss him at FSU.

Posted on 12/31 8:55 PM | IP: Logged

I had the pleasure of having breakfast with Bobby for several years the morning of his visits to Daytona Beach for the annual Seminole Club golf tournament (I was Club President for 7 years). One such breakfast was at the Holiday Inn at Indigo Lakes with him, my son and his son Terry. Both he and Terry were great to talk to and treated my son very specially. Every time I would see Bobby after that breakfast, he would always ask me how my son was doing, usually by name. It would always make my son feel really good that Bobby asked about him.

Then, about 5 years ago, FSU offered my son an academic scholarship to attend FSU. Buster Davis and Coach Bowden set up an interview with Jon Jost for my son to work on his strength and conditioning staff for the football team as a student assistant, to replace Tyler Peacock, who was moving on to be the graduate assistant. When we got to the Moore Athletic Center, Buster and Jeff Bowden accompanied up to Jost's office, where my son interviewed with him for approximately 45 minutes and was offered the position by Jost on the spot.

I always enjoyed spending time with Bobby at the Volusia/Flagler golf tournaments and always enjoyed my talks with Charlie Barnes, listening to his many interesting Bobby Bowden stories.

Posted on 1/2 1:11 AM | IP: Logged

You are absolutely right. Sue Hall was a big part of Bobby's ability to respond to so many people. And don't forget Ann Bowden who also enabled her husband to be so accessible to the media, fans and boosters. Not many coaches wives would allow their phone number to be published in the phone book and to graciously take the calls from reporters (like me) or from fans in the middle of the night.

Posted on 1/3 10:49 AM | IP: Logged

I am a life time Seminole born and raised. My cousin played for FSU in the early-mid 60's. He started for the Noles and played on both sides of the ball and was on the first team that beat the Gators in 64. Coach Bowden was an assistant coach at FSU in those days as well.
I met Coach for the first time last year in an obscure setting. I was eating lunch at McDonalds here in Tampa and he walked by the window. I couldn't believe my eyes. When he came in I jumped up and damn near tripped over myself to get to him.
I shook his hand and told him who I was and about my cousin. He remembered him like it was yesterday and asked about my cousins Momma who he thought would be long passed by now. I told him she was still alive and he said to be sure to tell her hello. After about two minutes of the conversation I realized that I was still shaking his hand. I let go and he just smiled.
He introduced me to Lawrence Dawsey, Odell Haggins and James Coley who were all there with him and told them about my cousin and his playing days.
You always hear how he is losing it and is getting senile, well he was sharp as an f'ing tack and was as sincere as could be.
When I left I said goodbye and the last thing he said was "make sure that you tell Jack's mother I said hello"

I said I would and when I got outside I called her straight away.

Sorry to see him go and hope he stays with us in some capacity for as long as possible

Posted on 1/5 1:45 PM | IP: Logged

Hi, I am an old fan. I began my college career During the Perry Moss reign. He was hung in effigy outside of Smith(West) Hall. A few years later I saw Bobby on TV coaching West Virginia in a Bowl Game. I was very impressed with him and I remember vividly wishing that FSU could get a man like that to coach at FSU. Imagine my surprise and delight when he was hired. I have loved him ever since. I wish that I could have met him.

Posted on 1/6 12:09 AM | IP: Logged

As a past club president I've met and played golf with Bobby a few times. I have never met a more gracious person in my life. One of my favorite moments was arranging for my father to play golf with Bobby. Dad is a couple years older than Bobby but was born in Birmingham also. He had a great time playing with Bobby and was treated as though he was an old friend. Gonna miss you Coach!

Posted on 1/6 10:40 AM | IP: Logged

Sadly, I never got a chance to actually meet Bobby, but I was among a small group of fans who stayed long enough to see him leave the stadium after the 2007 Va Tech game in Blacksburg and after this year's Gator Bowl. At least I can say I came close. Anyway, soon after I got married in October of 2000, my wife sent Bobby an email explaining to him how much of a seminole fan I was and how I even planned our wedding and honeymoon around the NC State game that season! :) She also asked him to send me his autograph. It was to be a birthday gift from her so I had no idea she did it. So you can imagine my surprise when one day a big envelope from the FSU Athletic Department came in the mail and inside it was a big autographed picture of Bobby Bowden that was made out to me with the message "Scalp 'em" written on it! Needless to say that picture is framed and still on my wall to this day! Thanks Bobby for all you have done. You will be sorely missed but NEVER forgotten! Hopefully I will get to shake your hand one of these days and tell you this in person. God bless you and your family.

Posted on 1/7 2:10 AM | IP: Logged

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