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We will be launching a feature in a couple weeks that looks at the top all-time plays in FSU football history.

In a few days we'll post a poll on this board where fans can vote for the top plays. For now, we are just looking for nominations for top plays. If a play has already been nominated there's no need to bring it up again. We just want to make sure we have 10 good plays for the upcoming poll. 

6/18 10:37 AM | IP: Logged
Rix to PK Sam-2003 vs Gators

Scott Bentley fg in 1994 Orange Bowl to win NC

Wienke to Snoop Minnis 98 yard td bomb.

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6/18 10:42 AM | IP: Logged
Ward to Dunn in the swamp

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6/18 10:44 AM | IP: Logged
Ward to Dunn in the swamp
Warrick td catch against VT despite pass interference.
Deion punt return against Clemson, points at end zone and houses it.
Warrick jukes entire Louisiana tech team

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6/18 10:48 AM | IP: Logged
punt rooskie was the best

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6/18 10:50 AM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by KimboNoles024
Ward to Dunn in the swamp
Warrick td catch against VT despite pass interference.
Deion punt return against Clemson, points at end zone and houses it.
Warrick jukes entire Louisiana tech team

Add puntrooski and this is a tight list

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6/18 10:52 AM | IP: Logged

marquand manuel dropped int peter warrick td against uf in 98

6/18 10:55 AM | IP: Logged

Fenner's CATCH.

Warrick's TD catch vs VT in NC game.

Ward to Dunn in the swamp.

Colzie's pick in the 4th quarter of the Choke.  Of all the key plays in the comeback, I think that was THE one.


Fumble and recovery vs Nebraska in 197? in Lincoln. Blanking on the player's name right now.

Any Marvin Jones tackle.

6/18 11:00 AM | IP: Logged
If i had to pick a play from last year, my vote goes to Lonnie Pryor dragging the entire NC State defense for a td. The Hopkins Clemson kick the year before also definitely deserves mention

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6/18 11:06 AM | IP: Logged
FSU vs UF 1988 Lawrence Dawsey hauls in a bomb for a touchdown on the first offensive series. Blew the Gators' tiny brains out. Final Score 52-17
6/18 11:11 AM | IP: Logged
Greg jones runs over UNC's Dexter Reid!!

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6/18 11:12 AM | IP: Logged

goal line stand against kansas

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6/18 11:12 AM | IP: Logged
Goal line stand against Kansas, not Iowa St. The pic 6 against Michigan.
6/18 11:16 AM | IP: Logged
stanford samuels hit vs UM
nigel bradhams hit vs UM (despite the flag)
6/18 11:17 AM | IP: Logged

A new one...the pick 6 by T-Buck in the Big House.

Ward 2 Dunn.

PDub PI catch vs VT.

PDub vs La Tech.

PDub TD of deflection against the crocs.

Rix to Sam in the swamp.

Hopkins vs Clemson

Ponder 98 yard TD against UNC. Big comeback win!

6/18 11:20 AM | IP: Logged

T-Buck's - The Foolah from Pascagoula

Gotta be on the list

As far as the greatest play ever - Has to be the Puntrooskie hands down - After all it's "The greatest play since my Fair Lady"

6/18 11:30 AM | IP: Logged
Paul Purowski sack vs Nebraska late in the game to seal the deal. That play started FSU and Bobby on the climb to Dynasty.

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6/18 11:31 AM | IP: Logged

4th Down TD pass near the end of the 4th quarter from Danny Kanell to Andre Cooper against Notre Dame to barely win the Orange Bowl (I think) in 1996 and to preserve our streak of Top 4 finishes.  People dont' really talk about that play and that game, but without that play, we don't have that long streak.

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6/18 11:38 AM | IP: Logged

Other noteworthy plays.

Dominic Robinson catch on 4th and 11.  It's secondary to the Rix bomb to PK, but without it there is no pass to PK.

Sean Jackson TD run down the sidelines against Miami in '93.  Pandemonium in Doak.  Set the stage for the rest of the game.

Ward TD run against Virginia in 1993 where he leaped over a defender in the end zone. 

Tamarick Vanover TD return on opening kickoff of '92 Miami game.

6/18 11:42 AM | IP: Logged
Warrick to Dugans.
6/18 11:43 AM | IP: Logged
Anything PrimeTime..Go Noles!

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6/18 11:51 AM | IP: Logged
Greg jones running over clemson's whole team

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6/18 11:52 AM | IP: Logged
It should be broken up by regular season, acc play, rivalry games and post season

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6/18 11:52 AM | IP: Logged
Ward to Friar '93 vs Miami was pretty great.
6/18 11:52 AM | IP: Logged
Weatherford to Carr

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6/18 12:13 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by PolkRibs:
Ward to Dunn in the swamp

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6/18 12:16 PM | IP: Logged

Although the game was in hand, and thus, it was an "important" the Weinke to Minnis 98 or 99 yard play action touchdown pass was one of the coolest and most brave plays I have seen.  How Weinke so cooly stood in the end zone hiding the ball was great.
6/18 12:19 PM | IP: Logged
I wouldn't make this the top play, but especially with all that has been said about FSU choking on field goals, any list of top 10 plays would absolutely have to include Scott Bentley's field goal with 21 seconds left in the 1994 Orange Bowl for the national championship against Nebraska to win it 18-16. Bentley had 4 field goals and Nebraska missed a 45 yarder after Bentley's kick.
6/18 12:25 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by prednole:
punt rooskie was the best

Posted from

That was awesome!  The timing of the call, the execution, my god that was brilliant  (the "Butler Did it"!!   And, I absolutely loved it when D. Carter put that flag on Cane's LB (Barrow?)'s head!

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6/18 12:30 PM | IP: Logged
1: Ward to Dunn in the Swamp '93
2: Deion's punt return against Clemson. "How do you like me now?"
3: Sebastien Janakowski's 50+ yard FG against the Gators (after a penalty on a  made 40+ yarder) and the ensuing Gator Chomp gesture.
4: Warrick's insane, run all over the field td against the Gators.
5: The Rock Preston TD in the Choke in Doak.

6/18 12:32 PM | IP: Logged

Bobby Renn's 78-yard return of the opening kickoff in the very first FSU-Florida game, played in Gainesville 1958.  With all the drama leading up to this game, the setting, FSU the big underdog, and sitting in the end-zone watching him running straight at us, it is still the most thrilling play I have ever witnessed.  A new milestone was reached in the history of Seminole football.
6/18 12:44 PM | IP: Logged

 a couple of obscure displays of athleticism...

Vannover's first return for a TD.

Deion's famous touchdown saving clothesline tackle from across the field. I can't remember who we were playing but it was an amazing display of football speed. There were several of his punt returns that were impressive as well.

Nigel Bradham hawking down CJ Spiller from behind.

Corey Simon picking up the tackle and throwing him into the RB.

Greg Jones 55 Yard TD against Clemson.

Ron Simmons collapsing lines on a regular basis.

Scott Bentley's safety saving tackle on the blocked kick.

Any of Chollie's eyes in the back of his head plays.

6/18 12:49 PM | IP: Logged
Pdub catch w interference
Ward to Dunn
Rix to Sam
Deion (pick any)
Punt rooskie
Tbuck 91' um pick 6
LOBo jukes entire ND def
G6-Greg jones raping Sean Taylor and or d. Reid.
Stanford Samuels on poor roscoe.
CT lol'ing at holding call and hitting back to back tds/ mike Harris laron Byrd

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6/18 1:00 PM | IP: Logged
Walt Sumners kick return for a TD against Bear Bryant and Alabama. That game put the country on notice about FSU.

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6/18 1:03 PM | IP: Logged
The combination of Dexter Carter around the left end against the canes at Doak at night, and also Carter placing the penalty flag on Bernard Clark's head.
6/18 1:10 PM | IP: Logged

1) Rix to Sam

2) Ward to Dunn

3) Fumblerooski

4) Weinkie to Warrick (Championship game)

6/18 1:11 PM | IP: Logged

Other ones I haven't seen mentioned:

4th and 14 against Neb. in the '88 Fiesta Bowl.

Deion's pick to lock down the win in the '89 Sugar Bowl.

Shannon Baker's "Hail Mary" catch at LSU for Coach Bowden's 200th win in '90.

Amp Lee faking out the Mich. D on a TD run in '91.

Charlie's TD pass to Kez in ATL to finish to comeback against GT in '92.

Charlie's TD against UVa in '93.

Minor busting one at UVa in '97.

Willie Reid blowing up in the first ACC championship game.

Gano's punting clinic the '08 Champs Sports Bowl.

Greg Reid knocking the snot out of Marcus Lattimore.

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6/18 1:25 PM | IP: Logged
Devin Bush interception again Miami 1993 to seal the deal 28-10
6/18 1:38 PM | IP: Logged
Weinke to Snoop
Dustin's Clemson field-goal
6/18 1:39 PM | IP: Logged

I didn't see these ones listed when I initially started looking...

1) T-Buck Punt Return for a TD vs. SU

2) Peter Warrick TD vs. LaTech where he makes about 10 guys miss as he cuts back and forth across the field

3) Deion's Int vs. Auburn in the bowl game

4) Leon Washington's long TD run vs WVU

5) Derrick Brook's  - TD return against UNC

6) Travis Minor - long TD to open game vs. UVA

7) Warrick Dunn - 80 yard TD on 1st offensive play at UM - put his hand to his ear to the UM crowd as they were all over FSU during warmups

6/18 1:46 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by h8uf:
Devin Bush interception again Miami 1993 to seal the deal 28-10

If you look carefully at the replay of that, you can see a pre-Rock with an unhappy look on his face.

I guess he didn't like what the Noles were cookin'. 


6/18 1:50 PM | IP: Logged
Trickett to Greene vs ok was epic.... I almost spiked my phone lol
6/18 1:50 PM | IP: Logged
Greg Jones hit on Dexter Reid!

Link: Greg Jones tattooes Dexter Reid6/18 2:16 PM | IP: Logged

how bout the 98 game at Doak, emotions were high, pre game brawl at mid field.  That game was electric, Rooster was the QB, never will forget faked an end around with P.W., who tossed a TD to Ron Dougans.   It was later shown on TV over n over that during the pre-game skirmish, Doug Johnson threw a football towards Coach Bowden's Head (dadgum good thang he missed)...when asked about that incident, Bowden later commented "if it was thrown by one of my QB's, it would have hit me"

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6/18 3:17 PM | IP: Logged
One of my favorite moments was when Weinke throws the pic 6 to UF in 99 I think?  Then they come right back down, Janikowski hits a 49 yarder, delay of game, so he hits a 54 yarder to shut the swamp up.  FSU scored the 17 in a row right after that int.  I have watched that stretch of the game so many times.  It is so funny for the swamp to be so loud and within 10 minutes, it is virtually quiet!
6/18 3:32 PM | IP: Logged
Weldon to Dawesey in 88 croc game. Will White bit on LD"s fake and Casey layed it perfect behind him on the side line. LD had to haul azz to the end zone with 2 crocs bearing down.

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6/18 3:45 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by h8uf:
Devin Bush interception again Miami 1993 to seal the deal 28-10

WOW was just about to post this!

Plus Ward to Friar TD that game

PDub vs La Tech entire defense

G5 Punt Return plus EJ scramble in the 4th vs UMD to save the bowl season

G5 smackdown on Latt.

3rd & 28

Hopkins game winner vs Clem

6/18 3:53 PM | IP: Logged
Antone Smith in the rain against UM to seal it from a little over 20 yards out

Was a hell of a play

Posted from

6/18 3:56 PM | IP: Logged

My head just exploded.  It may be easier to correctly state the airspeed velocity of an unladen European swallow.
6/18 4:05 PM | IP: Logged
Gotta have the Deion pick against Aub.

Warrick TD on VT

Ward to Dunn

Love Gano punting performance against Wisc

Hopkins game winner vs Clemson 2010
6/18 4:29 PM | IP: Logged
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