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I would like to add this one to all of the other great ones listed.  Lonnie Pryor's 40+ yard wheel route against Clemson. Ponder's handling of the ball on that play reminded me of Weinke's 98 yard pass to Minnis. Great play.

6/18 4:45 PM | IP: Logged

1. Ward to Dunn 93
2.. Rix to PK Sam-2003 vs Gators
3.  Bently kick  VS NEB

4. UM   2006   THE MUFF HEARD AROUND DOAK  snapped a 6 game L streak

6/18 4:49 PM | IP: Logged
Weinke to Snoop was beasty

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6/18 6:01 PM | IP: Logged

The puntrooskie against Clemson.

Rix to PK Sam.

6/18 6:38 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by stevemacc:
Goal line stand against Kansas, not Iowa St. The pic 6 against Michigan.

6/18 7:36 PM | IP: Logged
3rd and 17 :)

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6/18 7:40 PM | IP: Logged
UF-FSU at Doak 1964,1st time  Gators at Tally,Uf came out pregame in shirts saying never fsu never.We WIN  on 55yd TD by Steve Tensi to Freddie B. to win the game 13-7.Changed history.



6/18 7:45 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by OsceolaKev:

Although the game was in hand, and thus, it was an "important" the Weinke to Minnis 98 or 99 yard play action touchdown pass was one of the coolest and most brave plays I have seen.  How Weinke so cooly stood in the end zone hiding the ball was great.



defense doesn't get justice on this "calling".

Paul P'ski  vs nebraska is solid.

Ron Simmons .... check his early game against N Texas St .... he won awards for that.

Blocked punts ... we were "the block party" after all.

Deion vs Auburn in end zone to seal the win.

on offense ... it is the biletnikoff award so go back and find him.

you GOTTA find a play in FSU / GT when we were trailin by multiple touchdowns and managed to win. CHARLIE WARD's coming out party!!!!

MY REAL ADVICE .... go for top fifty ....
you get more pages on web, more ads, more eyeballs , "{I SEE WHAT YOU ARE UP TO .....)


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My favorite play is still from the '95 Sugar Bowl against the Gators. Kanall to Dunn to Ellison for the TD. Dunn chucks a bomb halfback pass to a streaking Omar Ellison and the ball spins off of the Gator DB's head and into Ellisons outstretched hands. Awesome.
6/18 8:52 PM | IP: Logged
One of my favorite of all time was Amp Lee juking the entire UM secondary in Ann Arbor for a TD.
6/18 8:54 PM | IP: Logged
I don't disagree with anyone, but there was a play in the game at UF in 1977 that stuck in my head because I thought it was a lousy call.  It was something like third and 33.  Bowden called a draw play.  I groaned.  But it went for a touchdown.  So much for my ability to second guess a coach.  I am not sure if I got the details right, but it was a simple play executed perfectly.  I certainly remember winning 37-9. Admittedly, the Piurowski tackle in the 1980 Nebraska game put FSU on the map, and the Ward to Dunn swing pass in the 1993 game at UF was critically needed and brilliantly played.

And the most important play that impacted FSU in a game that FSU did not play?  I vote for BC's winning field goal over ND in 1993.  Sorry Lou.  No rematch for you.  

6/18 9:29 PM | IP: Logged
Can we please do this for basketballs to, but take it back 20 yrs? So many great options-- Snaer v Duke, Snaer v. vT, miller v. UVA, sparks 3 against Georgia Tech, brower v UNC, Justin Mott's first and only blocked shot.
6/18 9:35 PM | IP: Logged
I was at that game in the Superdome, damn was it electric!  Also during that game, gators all world kevin carter comes pouring thru, lil Dunn busted his ass, chopped him down, Carter gets up to pursue the play, and bammmmmmmm, dunn nailed his ass again--that alone was worth the price of the ticket.  Oh yeah, Devin Bush liked to have killed Wuerfell on a safety blitz!
6/18 10:24 PM | IP: Logged
Ward to Kez vs Ga Tech - w/o it no ACC that year

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6/18 11:19 PM | IP: Logged
Ponder to Reliford at UNC for the go ahead touchdown, I think. That was a sweet play call!

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6/19 1:33 AM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by kcor:

My head just exploded.  It may be easier to correctly state the airspeed velocity of an unladen European swallow.

HA!  I like!
6/19 2:16 AM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by Pjackson:
My favorite play is still from the '95 Sugar Bowl against the Gators. Kanall to Dunn to Ellison for the TD. Dunn chucks a bomb halfback pass to a streaking Omar Ellison and the ball spins off of the Gator DB's head and into Ellisons outstretched hands. Awesome.

Love that play.

Fred Weary was chasing after him.

Musburger made a joke about Weary getting weary from trying to run him down.

I've replayed that one many a time.

6/19 2:24 AM | IP: Logged

Puntrooskie would have to be my personal number 1.  Then I would have to go with Weinke to Snoop 98 yards against Clemson
6/19 2:45 AM | IP: Logged
Great topic. I know ground rules are once is enough BUT all my greatest plays are there I think. 

  1. Rooskie
  2. Deion game saver pic in Sugar Bowl win over Auburn
  3. Tensie to Freddie B. 64 to seal the deal over Gates

6/19 6:16 AM | IP: Logged
McManus to Ronald Lewis in 87 fiesta bowl
Keith Ross throw back on kickoff vs Miami in 86
6/19 7:38 AM | IP: Logged

Charlie Ward pass to Warrick Dunn for TD along sidelines.

Peter Warrick TD catch in bowl game.

Multiple Deion Sanders plays.

6/19 7:53 AM | IP: Logged
T-Buck Fake Fair catch at Syracuse
6/19 7:58 AM | IP: Logged

Weldon to Dawsey was in 1990.  That's the play.  Stevil's first game in Doak.  He was so sure he was going to win, he planned a celebration party.  Too bad.

6/19 8:35 AM | IP: Logged
Ward to Kez in 92 was a great play.  I always wanted someone to ask Kez whether he got in the end zone before he fumbled.  His initial reaction seemed like he may have fumbled. 

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6/19 8:37 AM | IP: Logged
Devin Bush seals the 93 UM win with a pic 6.  Even though UM was down 11 with not a ton of time left (5 mins or so, I think), every Nole in that stadium was still worried until Bush picked that ball off.
6/19 8:40 AM | IP: Logged
A lot of good entries. For pure football awesomeness, Greg Jones' Bobblehead hit on Dexter Reid!

6/19 10:41 AM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by HardiNole:
T-Buck Fake Fair catch at Syracuse
ACC officials would have blown that play dead, you know.
6/19 12:53 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by TheSentinel:

Originally posted by HardiNole:
T-Buck Fake Fair catch at Syracuse

ACC officials would have blown that play dead, you know.


The good old days of independents.

And independence.

6/19 1:50 PM | IP: Logged
Mark Lyles Statue of Liberty play against Boston College.

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6/19 2:23 PM | IP: Logged
Matt Frier TD catch Vs. Miami to seal the game was one I will always remember. 
6/19 2:52 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by prednole
punt rooskie was the best
I concur.

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6/19 3:59 PM | IP: Logged
Rix to PK is my favorite. I was in the near the endzone that he caught it in. Great memory.
6/19 4:54 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by mryanp521:
Greg jones runs over UNC's Dexter Reid!!

Or the destruction of Roscoe Parrish.

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6/19 4:57 PM | IP: Logged
For me it's my time at FSU that comes to mind

TBuck pick, return and leap at Michigan in 91.

Weldon to Dawsey against UF first play in 90.

Punt Rooski at CU in 89.

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6/19 7:32 PM | IP: Logged

Tbuck INT versus Michigan. First offensive play of the game taken to the house. Will never forget that moment.

The fake field goal in that Michigan game aswell, with the pitch to Floyd i think, who almost looked like he went in motion and cut in front of the holder. Great Great play call.

6/19 7:35 PM | IP: Logged

Weinke to Snoop

Rix to Sam

PW TD vs La Tech

Hopkins kick

Antone 20 yd TD run against UM

(not one play, but...) 10 play goal line stand vs Kansas

6/19 8:20 PM | IP: Logged

- 1987 Miami game, Ronald Lewis' catch in the back of the endzone in one of the biggest, talent-laden games in CFB history. 2-point conversion failed but that was an amazing catch/play to give us a chance to win the game.

- Almost the same exact play to beat #5 Nebraska in the Fiesta Bowl the same year.

6/19 9:02 PM | IP: Logged
1) the Puntrooskie- I was there and it was AWESOME!
2) Weinke fake handoff- bomb to Minnis
3) Dunn's catch and run against UF
4) Goal line stand against Kansas
5) Peter Warrick jukes the entire La Tech team
6) Greg Jones turns Reid into a Pez dispenser
7) Bentley makes the FG to give us the NC
8) Peter Warrick's TD catch against VT in the NC game
9) Fake fair catch punt return against Syracuse
10) Rix to Sam in the swamp

Hon. Mention- Greg Jones breaks 37 tackles on TD run against Clempsun

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6/20 7:27 AM | IP: Logged
No new posts in the last 3 hours? Guess I nailed it.

That's a wrap, Gene!
6/20 10:33 AM | IP: Logged

When Sebastian nailed the long FG at Uf and they called a penalty... then he backed up 5 yards and nailed it again.

We wouldnt have a NC in 99 if it wasnt for him nailing those two 45+ yarders, on the road, against our biggest rival.

6/20 10:37 AM | IP: Logged

Greg jones runs tru clempson

Goal line stnad vs kansas

6/20 12:44 PM | IP: Logged
I think all the classics have been mentioned, but I'll throw out some that may be underrated imo or I may have missed when going through the lists.

- Ponder 98 yd TD throw to Rod Owens against UNC.  Like a Weinke impersonation. 

- Xavier Lee 70yd TD to De'Cody Fagg against Alabama to beat Nick Saban in Jacksonville.

- Kenny Ingram hit on Chattanooga WR.  Didn't mean much and if Chatt was in the ACC he would've probably been ejected, but it was vicious.

- 2005 UM muff

- Willie Reid had a one handed catch over the middle I think, I think was even tipped by a defender and his TD punt return against VT in the ACCCG.

- Lorenzo Booker juking out all of the ND defense like twice on one play and making it look easy.

- Xavier Rhodes interception in the end zone against Clemson was huge.

- Werner's interception return for a TD at Clemson.

- Nigel Bradham hit on Ryan Perrilloux.  Nigel chasing down Dent and others.  Lots of others by Bradham.  I like his chances vs Godzilla.

- Greg Reid's entire performance against USC, and obviously the Lattimore hit.  The entire defensive performance against USC actually, including Kendall Smith's performance and like 5 first half turnovers.

- So many from the last couple of years against UM and UF, but I'll try to name a few that I really enjoyed:

- Moody's hit on Dent.

- Reid's ninja kick causing the Rainey fumble. 

- Loss of 14 on 4th and 1 QB sneak attempt by Trey Burton.

- EJ to Rodney Smith for a TD against UF.

- Just being in Matt Elams head.

- Joyner scoop and score on the opening play against UM that should have stood.

- Karlos Williams' kickoff return for a TD that should have stood.

- Chris Thompson ~60 yard TD run, penalty called it back, very next play ran the exact same stretch play to score again from even farther out in 2010.

- Mike Harris and the entire defensive effort against UM at UM in 2010.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some.
6/20 1:37 PM | IP: Logged

Ponder to Rodney Smith.. 2010 vs UF

The crowd went from a nervous "we should win but might blow it" to "Holy Crap.. we are the MUCH better team and we're gonna kill them."

it was right after the failed fake punt.

The commentators call was perfect "The last 2 plays have changed the course of this game.. and may have changed the weight and balance of power in the state of Florida."

6/20 2:48 PM | IP: Logged
In Keeping w/ no duplications/repeats, I'll add for nomination:

October 10, 1964; 5th ranked KY at Doak. Games scoreless. First qtr; 4th and 2 at the Ky 2 for FSU; Tensi hits Lee Narramore for a TD. route on. FSU wins 48-6 in what McGrotha called "Maybe the biggest win of all".

FSU- fu 1967; QB Kim Hammond with a concussion suffered in the first half that would never allow him to play today, returns to the field at end of the third quarter w/ the score 14-9, FSU, but momentum w/ lizards on lizard field. 2nd and nine, 51 yards to Ron Sellers; a hand off and then another long bomb to Sellers for the TD. 21-9 and the Noles beat the lizards in hogtown for the first time.

Not one play, but Ron Sellers scores 5 TD's to set an NCAA record that stood for decades against Wake Forest in 1968.

'77 FSU-S. Miss. Ron Simmons blocks the punt. FSU beats S Miss for the first time in 6 tries.

'91; FSU-Mich; Bar None scores a TD on a fake FG.

1980? Keith Jones hit and forced fumble.

1983; FSU-tOSU; Lowery passes from a fake FG formation for the TD.

'88 Sugar Bowl; FSU-Auburn 4th qtr Deion's int in the end zone to seal the victory.

'99 NC game. Corey Simon fumble recovery in the end zone to stop VaTech's opening drive and change the game.

'63 FSU-at Miami . Fred Biletinikof'fs 99 yard int of AA George Mira for a TD.

'58 FSU-at Tennessee; Vic Prinzi's int late in the fourth qtr preserved a 10-0 win and our first truly big win over an SEC power. 3,000 fans met the team at the Tallahassee Airport, including the governor of the state, Leroy Collins.

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6/20 4:52 PM | IP: Logged
Geno Hayes pick 6 off of Matt Ryan and second ranked BC to end the game.

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6/20 7:12 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by BillWesJay:

When Sebastian nailed the long FG at Uf and they called a penalty... then he backed up 5 yards and nailed it again.

We wouldnt have a NC in 99 if it wasnt for him nailing those two 45+ yarders, on the road, against our biggest rival.

Off all the random plays that I wish were on YouTube, that's my first choice.

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6/20 7:22 PM | IP: Logged
Dexter Carter's 30 or so yrd run against UM in 88, I could hear the roar in Ca.

Posted from Rivals Mobile

6/20 9:03 PM | IP: Logged

^^Personally I would have gone for Dexter Carter's first rush from scrimmage in the '89 Miami game.  The one where he bounced it outside and took off down the sidelines for a 63yd score.  I probably would have heard the crowd all the way over here.
6/21 2:36 AM | IP: Logged
To me the 1988 TD pass on 4th and goal to beat Nebraska was huge for us.  Maybe not the single greatest play of FSU history but certainly one that should make a top 5 list!  It was closing out the 80's and we showed glimpses of the talent that would follow us in to the 90's.  Danny McManus set Fiesta Bowl records in that game for yards, completions and attempts.

Here is the excerpt from about the play...

"The momentum would continue to shift throughout the third quarter, but
one thing was quickly becoming clear. After thriving all season behind
the phenomenal production of RB Sammie Smith (172 carries, 1,230 yards),
FSU could not run on Nebraska's punishing front seven, which included
the likes of DE Neil Smith and LB Broderick Thomas. Smith would wind up
with only 28 yards on nine carries.

But McManus was on fire all day, completing passes to 10 different receivers. 

With 6:38 left in the game, FSU took over at its own 3-yard line,
trailing 28-24. McManus led the 'Noles down the field yet again, gaining
crucial yards on a 43-yard pass to tailback Dexter Carter. They were
nearing the end zone, though, when a dead-ball foul set the ball back on
the Nebraska 18. Down to a daunting fourth-and-goal situation from the
15-yard line, McManus hit WR Danny Lewis in the end zone for the
go-ahead score with only 3:07 remaining."

I remember watching that moment on TV with my dad.  Edge of my seat thinking that penalty really did us in... 4th and goal from the 15... it was epic.

Kudos to every poster on here that has posted some great memories to look back on!!! 
6/21 9:39 AM | IP: Logged
and... to follow up my last post.... One big vote for Deion Sanders int vs Auburn to seal the win 13-7 in the final seconds of the 1989 Sugar Bowl.  Auburn had converted 3 straight 4th downs leading up to that play with less than 10 sec on the clock!
6/21 9:49 AM | IP: Logged
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