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There's a lot of hate right now, so I thought I'd lighten it up by sharing one of my favorite things about Coach. I'm sure everyone has seen that lame ACC ad about sportsmanship, where each of the head FB coaches (in the ACC) has a line. Then at the end it turns out they're talking to all the school mascots (well except FSU...it's the FSU cheerleader, because heaven forbid they show the Seminole mascot...I digress)

Anyways, every time I watch that commercial, the one thing that stands out to me is that Bobby Bowden is the only coach that doesn't sound like an idiot when he gives his line. Dabo sounds like he's talking to a girl for the first time, and the rest of them aren't any better. Like him or not, Coach Bowden has style.

Anybody else with me, or am I on my own on this one?

*Editors Note* - This thread is meant to be lite and entertaining. If you're thinking to yourself, "I'll post, 'What I like about Bobby Bowden is for him to retire!' or 'We don't pay him $2.5 million to do ACC commercials'", then don't post in this thread. Also, I would challenge you that it's not me you're mad at, or Coach Bowden...it's your dad you're really mad at. But you know what; it's almost Thanksgiving. You should call him up. Just don't wear any eye liner if you see him; you know it'll only start a fight.
11/20 1:17 AM | IP: Logged As of Nov. 20, 2009, Bobby Bowden is the most endearing, charismatic, charming and likable college football coach in history. I, for one, truly pray that we can still say that on January 1, 2010.

Posted on 11/20 6:41 AM | IP: Logged

The man has never been anything but a gentleman on the numerous occasions that I have met him. Even the family (including Ann) has been nothing but amazingly nice when I have encountered them. I can't let a few rumors affect my opinion of the man.

After the Ohio State Sugar Bowl me and a group of my frineds ran into the Bowden ladies boarding their bus back to their hotel. Ann was already aboard (and we were all way too intoxicated) but she got off the bus and posed for pictures with all of us.

My point is there will never be another Bobby Bowden. Everyone should take a step back and just take in what could be the last few games of his amazing career. I went to school during the dynasty and went to three straight national championship games while in grad school. I should be the epitome of the spoiled fan but I can't help but appreciate how fortunate we have been over the last 33 years.

Posted on 11/20 8:53 AM | IP: Logged

Nice thread yeti...

There is no reason to hate a man over football. And here are some of the reasons I will always respect Coach Bowden.

There was this time in 1979 when he sat in his office and encouraged a then 17 year old boy who had just completly blew out his knee, losing any hope to play college football, to never give up hope.

Or the time he gave his testimony on a Wednesday night at a small church in Tallahassee; sharing the stage with that same boy's Father who talked about keeping his faith while dieing of lung cancer

Or the time in the Leon High School gym that he leaned down and smiled at the 7-8 year old daughter of that boy, who was now a man, saying "Sure I will sign that for you; what's your name?" after another talk to yet another bunch of kids in the Leon High School gym about life.

The man has touched so many lives in so many ways. Regardless of what should happen or does happens, he will always have my respect and admiration.

Posted on 11/20 9:38 AM | IP: Logged

Great thread.

Bowden is by far the kindest and most genuine "famous" person I've ever met. He asked me questions about an uncle of mine that he knew, whether I was playing football, posed for a picture, and looked me in the eye the entire time this was going on.

Posted on 11/20 10:08 AM | IP: Logged

Hes been my coach since I was 16 and Im 49, I dont remember much about college football before him. Fans from other colleges tell me how hard it is to meet their coaches, Im like wow, I just walk up to his office and say hey. My coach's phone number is in the phonebook. He works in his front yard and walks around the neighborhood talking to neighbors. He comes to the beach with his umbrella and a ton of zinc and talks and plays with the tourists. Hes always at Corams Waffle shop about every morning hes in town by himself at 5 in the morning. I dont know how other coaches do it, all I know is the Bowden way. Whats happening in the media and with our fans is killing me but you know what? Im going to enjoy him as much in retirement as I did at FSU, because he will never change. I love you coach, its just another phase of your life.

Posted on 11/20 11:49 AM | IP: Logged

I chaired a local charity golf thing years ago for a few years. One year my "reward" was that BB was in my foursome. I had heard he would play his own ball, but he didn't. He played as our fourth.

It was a high point in my life. I suck at golf and we didn't do well, but he was every bit the nice, generous, funny guy I'd seen on TV all those years. It was great. I will always try to keep that as my memory of him.

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Posted on 11/20 1:18 PM | IP: Logged

What a timely post/thread, yeti.

I remember a coach that gave a scholarship to a homeless boy from South Florida long before "The Blindside" was written.

I remember a coach who arranged a scholarship for a boy to be a "trainer" after he learned that the boy, a potential football player, had given one of his kidneys to his grandmother.

I remember a coach that started taking his players to church; first to a predmoinately white congregation, then to a predominately African-American congreagation so they understood brotherhood and team.

I remember a long-hand written letter addressed to Bobby Bowden:

"Sir...just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I admire and respect you a great deal. I know I would have loved to play under you.

Even though Miami won the ball game Saturday, both teams gained a great deal of respect throughout the country-and both teams are winners off and on the field!

I never wrote a letter to any coach before. But I felt I had to let you know you are a great inspiration to a lot of young men around the country, including myself, and you set great eamples to follow.

Keep up the great job and good luck...I'm pulling for you all the way!"


Vinnie Testaverde

I remember a man who answered his phone and stops to talk to strangers with a smile and interest in the other person.

It's hard to say goodbye but all things must pass.

Posted on 11/20 6:04 PM | IP: Logged

"I've got one word for you....and it's"

I too enjoyed the ACC commercial, noticed he got the "last word"

great post, yetti

Posted on 11/20 6:25 PM | IP: Logged

classy post(s)

Posted on 11/20 6:36 PM | IP: Logged

What a great thread!

I'm not one that has any big time personal experience with Bobby I met him at fund raisier once and he took the time to talk to me and answer my trivial questions. I was really too excited to think clearly. But that was on me he couldn't have been more down to earth and seemed genuinely interested in my thoughts.

When the first wide right or left or whatever missed his reaction was priceless...he was certain that it went through but when he reallized that it didn't he looked perplexed, not angry, he looked around and he knew his first NC had slipped away. I was impressed with how real he was, and how gracefully he handled this crushing defeat on a national stage.

It was a climpse at a level of humility that is a demonstration of great faith and acceptance. I like that quailty and he has demonstrated it many times. I hope he still has some of that grace in reserve

Posted on 11/20 6:36 PM | IP: Logged

I don't want to hijack the thread but....I couldn't help but wonder when reading these posts whether those that are screaming for BB's head have ever actually met or spoken with him. I hate what has happened the last few years as much as anyone but I don't hate BB because of it. I can't wait for Jimbo but I can't help but think how great it would be to have a good/great season next year with both of them. Go Noles!

Posted on 11/20 6:37 PM | IP: Logged

THIS is a great thread. Something that I needed to read.

Posted on 11/20 6:44 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by JMGNole:
THIS is a great thread. Something that I needed to read.
Indeed. maybe it should be pinned to the top on the TCCL and the TC.

Posted on 11/20 6:58 PM | IP: Logged

Good Thread,

When i was in ROTC at FSU we had a prayer breakfast once a year and Bobby came and talked to us. There was like 200 of us there and he took the time to talk to us all individually and shake our hands and take pictures with us. Its kind of surreal, im 26 years old and i've never had another coach for my favorite team since i've been alive. I remember going to the orange bowl against PSU and seeing Bobby and Joe Pa together and it was unreal to see them share the field.

Posted on 11/20 7:21 PM | IP: Logged

Thanks to the OP for starting this wonderful thread.

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Posted on 11/20 10:11 PM | IP: Logged

I agree with all of you and I tell friends, co-workers, and everyone BB and Greg Allen are the main reason over the years why I became such a big FSU fan. I haver never heard or read any of his current or former players say anything bad about him-NEVER. But over the years my Great aunts and uncles, older cousin(who went to D-1 schools) and alot of my older African American friends have never cheered for FSU, and they always say "I remember when he said...".

Posted on 11/21 3:07 AM | IP: Logged

As a Tallahassee native, when Coach Bowden arrived he gave us fans hope and good humor.
As an FSU student before the glory years, Coach Bowden inspired me to excel and be humble.
As a fan during the glory years he taught to me compete and be a gracious winner.
As a local business owner Im very grateful that most everybody knows about Tallahassee and FSU.
And the reason is Coach Bowden.
Thanks Coach.
Go Noles!

Posted on 11/21 9:48 AM | IP: Logged

Ther are tons of things I could write. Let's leave it at that.

Posted on 11/21 11:17 AM | IP: Logged

In 82 My mom heard him speak at a church in Orlando. She met him afterwards and told him I was in Tally going to school .He ask her what my name was and where I lived. By Wed of that week I had a hand written letter in my mail box from him encouraging me to work hard in school and to make my mother proud. It was awesome. He is a GREAT man. But all good things must come to a end. I will miss him whenever he does leave.

Posted on 11/21 6:45 PM | IP: Logged

Great thread! I enjoyed reading these. Coach Bowden is a great man.

Posted on 11/21 8:48 PM | IP: Logged

He is true Christian gentleman. Have met him many , many times, heard him speak, heard him preach, read his books and recieved autographed pictures with personal messages.

He is a MAN!

Posted on 11/23 11:31 AM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by JMGNole:
THIS is a great thread. Something that I needed to read.

Me too. It has been very painful to read posts which contained very hurtful words towards the coach.

The first time I met him and i was thirty. He said "Hey boy! ya got any eligibility left?"

made my life.

As everyone else has said he is the most approachable ,down to earth, witty, entertaining man.

Posted on 11/23 10:48 PM | IP: Logged

Cool, Calm, Class, Country, Christian, grounded by enormous Character.

What a GREAT Gentelman, who has shown us all how we may balance business, friends and family, by simply putting GOD First. Thanks Coach, you are truely the BEST!

Scalp 'Em!

Posted on 11/24 8:56 AM | IP: Logged

I was an invited walkon at Bama when the Bear was still there. After an injury ended that dream a friend of mine and former FSU player from the pre Bowden years talked me into going to talk with the new coach at FSU about playing there. I did and met with him on several occasions through the years. After having spent time with both legends of FB coaching all I can say is FSU clearly got the better deal!!! Many of times I wished I had given FSU a chance instead of playing JUCO baseball.

Posted on 11/25 12:01 AM | IP: Logged

great thread.

Thank you.

Posted on 11/26 8:52 PM | IP: Logged

Coach Bowden is a good man. I've met him a few times over the last 25 years and he always remembers me. My son was at his football camps in 92 and 93 and a few years later he saw him again at church. He remembered Dan from the camps and made a big deal of seeing him again. He's just that kind of person.

I pray to God all this works out for the best for all of us.

Posted on 11/27 11:29 PM | IP: Logged

Whatever I may have thought about how Coach was handling things up until he stepped down, it has all been positive since he stepped down. I really appreciate how classy he's been since the news broke. He's been nothing but humble and gracious. Not sure why I ever expected him to be anything else.

Posted on 12/8 5:00 PM | IP: Logged

These messages are almost too painful to read and to understand the man who has left our presence, never to be seen again as a friend and leader. Let's wish him the best, and I, for one, will be at his graveside at that time. He deserves that from all of us who loved him and what he has done for our great university. He wasn't perfect, he was stubborn, but aren't we all. We love you coach, and I promise I will make my way to your graveside to show my respect for all you have done and will continue to do, May God bless you and your family, make his face to shine upon you and grant you peace. Thank you Coach Bowden.

Posted on 1/1 10:04 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by PalmHarborNole:
These messages are almost too painful to read and to understand the man who has left our presence, never to be seen again as a friend and leader. Let's wish him the best, and I, for one, will be at his graveside at that time. He deserves that from all of us who loved him and what he has done for our great university. He wasn't perfect, he was stubborn, but aren't we all. We love you coach, and I promise I will make my way to your graveside to show my respect for all you have done and will continue to do, May God bless you and your family, make his face to shine upon you and grant you peace. Thank you Coach Bowden.

Well said.

Coach Bowden came to FSU when I was in grad school. We had just been through the worst 3 years ever in FSU football.

Bobby Bowden made a difference at FSU. His presence generated many good things for FSU outside of football. We finally developed a fan base and the Boosters. Many of you are probably too young to realize that we have not always had Boosters.

Coach has touched many lives. An in-law works for FCA and tells me how much Coach does and has done for so many, as if we didn't know already.

Posted on 1/1 10:25 PM | IP: Logged

It is not a coincidence that the Fellowship of Christian Athletes named their trophy after Coach Bowden. He is the epitomy of what Christ taught us to be...

Posted on 1/2 9:34 AM | IP: Logged

I wish his other efforts would have been discussed such as his FCA efforts.

Posted on 1/2 11:02 AM | IP: Logged

Unlike many here he is a real man. I wish he could have be given the chance to get 400. But aholes didn't care about him. This will forever tarnish FSU for me, but will not keep me from continuing my lifelong support. I SEE YOU BOBBY BOWDEN!
with love, a fan always.

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Posted on 1/2 11:27 AM | IP: Logged

The football team may again duplicate the successes of our past but I can't imagine that FSU will ever a representative of the University that was as respected and well-liked as Bobby Bowden. He could relate to anyone at any level at any time. He will be missed wearing the colors of Garnet and Gold!

Posted on 1/3 1:27 PM | IP: Logged

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