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For me, it was that Sugar Bowl against VT, Lynn Swann is itnerviewing him during the game, and he tells him (while holding what looked like a cup of coffee), "Now Lynn I want you to pay attention, we are gonan run one of those reverses right here, you just watch."

We then ran a reverse against Vt gaining like 12 yds, and Swann just stood there for a few seconds compeltely dumbstruck...I thought we'd win the title every year.

Yeah I wanted him to elave 8 yrs ago, but I wanted it because I thought he needed too.

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11/30 7:45 PM | IP: Logged He came to speak at our church a couple of years ago. My son got an autograph and his picture taken. About a week later my son signed one of his middle school football pictures and mailed it to his house. Bobby sent a hand written note back. My son smiled for weeks.

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Recruiting me as a slow LB (4.9 forty) way back when yet made me feel good that I was considered but couldn't make the cut. Damned those dudes named Herring and Piurowski! Smile

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Dfs, that story is awesome.

Yours us too pben.

Posted from

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If I may share three. First my senior year at FSU when Bobby first came. He was introduced at halftime of a basketball game. His first utterance "unh" the crowd goes wild a gives him a standing ovation. Later that winter on a saturday afternoon my roommates and I were kicking a ball around on the practice fields and BB walks up, doesn't chase us off but talks to us for a bout 30 minutes, about football but also about us and who we were. Finally my daughter was a softball pitcher who was having a rough go at community college, after a note from my wife Bobby sent an encouraging handwritten leter and autographed picture.

Posted on 11/30 8:09 PM | IP: Logged

My two brothers and I grew up on FSU football (before Bobby), then spent decades following the team -- at times all over the country. My father was a devoted fan too. It was a glue that bonded us together.

When one of my brothers was about to turn 40 (17 years ago), I thought of a memorable gift. I approached someone close to the head coach and asked him to propose an idea: let my brother spend a day with the team on the last day of spring practice -- in the locker room and able to talk to the players before and after the game.

It was a long shot. Lo and behold, Bobby came through. My brother also got face time with him and other coaches. However, I was sworn to secrecy; Bobby didn't want to get this kind of request often. Now I feel like I can tell the world.

Thanks Coach Bowden.

Posted on 11/30 8:14 PM | IP: Logged

I have never met the man. The closest I have come is watching him from afar during my attendance at many, many FSU games since 1977 both as a fan and an alum, yet I feel like I have known him during that entire time.

As much as I am ready for Jimbo to take over, Bobby will always be my coach.

Posted on 11/30 8:14 PM | IP: Logged

My senior year at FSU--1989. I was in the Chiefs and we travelled that year to the LSU game. This turned out to be a rather pivotal game after the bad start to that season. LSU was fired up for the night game. During the game, we played the Warchant almost nonstop--the most I remember playing it at any game during my time at FSU. That next week, Bobby showed up at the beginning of practice to personally thank us for our effort during that game.

Posted on 11/30 8:14 PM | IP: Logged

Came to FSU as freshman (from Indiana) in '88, pulled the 'rooskie on Clemson in game 2 to win the game - won my heart and respect that day.

Also, have heard him speak twice at churches in Atlanta - his faith says wonders about the type of man he is!

He will be missed and will be remembered as a legend! Hope he enjoys retirement to its fullest - he deserves it.

Go 'Noles!

Posted on 11/30 8:18 PM | IP: Logged

Favorite Bowden moment (as a young 'Nole) has to be attending the game against Wake when he overtook Paterno for all time wins leader. Special moment when the players lifted him up on their shoulders.

Personally, I only got to introduce myself and shake his hand once. Very nice, generous man.

Posted on 11/30 8:18 PM | IP: Logged

I got a chance to attend a private party for Bobby during his summer golf tour in 2001. I had just graduated in 2000 and meeting Bobby on a personal and informal level at 22 years old was an awesome experience. I am a big guy, 6'4 230 (at the time). Bobby grabbed my arm, gave it a big squeeze like he was sizing me up, and said "Boy, do you play football? I don't know how you graduated and we didn't get you out on the practice field!" It was so awesome. I could never have played for FSU, but to have Bobby Bowden say something like that to me was a real treat.

I am choosing to forget the hard feelings that have developed in my heart for Bobby these last few years. He was and is a great man, and I will miss him.

Posted on 11/30 8:24 PM | IP: Logged

My birthday is in late August and growing up my dad would always pull me out of school and take me to the Kickoff Luncheons as a present. One year it fell right on my birthday and Charlie Barnes (Close Family Friend) told Bobby. He had me come up to the head table and sit on his lap while Charlie spoke. Afterwards, I got an autographed hat, ball, and pictures with Bobby and a lot of the players. A couple years later, I couldn't come for some reason. Bobby sent me a happy birthday card, saying he missed me at the luncheon, and a personalized autographed picture.

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Posted on 11/30 8:25 PM | IP: Logged

At the Clemson game when we were the number 3 team in the nation and Clemson beat us. I had to wear a clemson shirt to stand on the clemson side lines. After the game I was in the locker room and asked Bowden for a picture and although you could tell he was upset, he agreed. I unbuttoned my clemson shirt to reveal my FSU shirt, he just hollered laughing.

Posted on 11/30 8:27 PM | IP: Logged

The '02 Miami game. On the field, with the Miamians still going nuts, Bowden said his kids did not deserve to lose that game. He was very sincere, and the combination of anger and regret expressed really got to me.

Posted on 11/30 8:32 PM | IP: Logged

I was city editor/reporter at the Thomasville Times-Enterprise in 1976, a great place for an aspiring journalist to learn the ropes. Soon after he was hired, he came to town and spoke to a club -- Rotary, I think. Interviewed him afterward. His charisma filled the room. Very dynamic. He had the audience in the palm of his hand.

Posted on 11/30 8:33 PM | IP: Logged

He came to our home to visit Vince and have dinner the same day it was announced that Jimbo would succeed him. I had a sense then that he was feeling his "mortality" as the head coach. That had to be a bitter sweet day for him. It was more then I could have ever asked for to have him in our home sitting at our table. I will always be thankful to him and Mickey for believing in Vince and Karlos, giving them both scholarship offers. I for one will miss him a great deal.

Posted on 11/30 8:33 PM | IP: Logged

On 12/26/03, my mother-in-law and father-in-law were flying out of Tallahassee to go to New York. The football team happened to be flying down south to play Miami in the Orange Bowl. My in-laws saw Coach Bowden in the airport and approached him. They told him that their son-in-law and grandson, Cameron, were big Florida State fans. Cameron was 5 years old at the time. They asked him if he would speak to Cameron on the phone. They dialed our number on the cell phone and my wife answered the phone. The voice on the other end was Coach Bowden. He took the time to talk on the phone with my wife and my 5 year old son that day. My son happened to be playing in the house wearing a child's Florida State uniform and helmet that he had gotten for Christmas when Coach Bowden called. After he got off the phone with my wife and son, he told my in-laws that he wished he had something to give to Cameron. Coach Bowden paused and thought for a minute. He then took a cross lapelle off his coat and gave it to my in-laws to give to my son. Cameron is now 11 years old. This moment is something that my family will always remember and cherish.

Posted on 11/30 8:34 PM | IP: Logged

I was club president and later area chairman for Sarasota when Bobby first started at FSU. His trips to Sarasota for the annual golf tournament have allowed me to fill my walls with pictures of Bobby with my wife and I, my son, my daughter, my first grandchild and second grandchild. I just had a football helmet signed by Bobby for our newest nole who was born 5 weeks ago and traveled to Tally for the Maryland game. Even though he slept the entire first half, he will also be able to say he saw the last home game for Bobby Bowden. My wife and I went to Europe in 1980 and knowing that Bobby was a World War II history lover, we brought back various items we picked up from Germany and the death camps in Poland. He was very moved when he received them and to this very day will say something about them to my wife and I when our paths cross. I hope that this decision will allow him to follow that passion. I will miss seeing him on the sidelines (and Mickey) but time has come for him to build memories that are important to him, just like our memories of what he has done for FSU.

Posted on 11/30 8:38 PM | IP: Logged

I grew up watching FSU on TV. The first game I saw was the FSU-OU Orange Bowl game in 1981 when JC Watts and the Sooners beat us. We lost but I was hooked (it helped that my older cousin brainwashed me).

I came to FSU in 1989 and I remember our 1st home game (a loss to Clemson). Regardless, I remember when I caught my 1st glimpse of him that warm Tallahassee night. I was awestruck.

In the 1990s, when Spurrier was changing the game of CFB, there was an in depth analysis of the UF offense in the Orlando Sentinel. I was so worried that we would lose that year (can't remember which) that I cut out the article and sent it to Bobby's house to read. He sent me a note (written by Sue Hall and signed by him) assuring me that he and his staff had a game plan to counter Spurrier. We won. Enough Said.

I'll always love you, Bobby, no matter how mad I've gotten the past several years. I'm 38 years old. I don't remember another coach at FSU - the school I love so much. I'm so melancholy right now.

Posted on 11/30 8:38 PM | IP: Logged

i was walking under the football stadium from class to my car and a golf cart came whizzing by with Bobby at the wheel...he actually had to jerk the wheel to avoid hitting me and at the same time, without missing a beat, gave me a "hey, buddy".

Posted on 11/30 8:44 PM | IP: Logged

I met Coach on two occasions at HOF dinners about 10 years ago - he was nothing but a generous man with his time and laughs.

Reading some of these stories REALLY reminds you of what kind of man he is at the core. I pray that this works out right - something wouldn't be right about our coach not come back again...

Posted on 11/30 8:45 PM | IP: Logged

I was being recruited by JIm Gladden in 83'. He told me he and coach Bowden were coming to my house at around 7:30 pm. They show up, my mom had made fried chicken,biscuits, green beans ,you know Bobby food, we talked and ate and then watched some of my films in our living room. We watched for abut an hour and my dad look's over and coach Bowden is sound asleep on our couch! Gladden says to my parents, I was the 16th recruit he had visited in 2 days! Shoes off, jacket off, so my mother covers him with a blanket and we all go into the other room. Well needless to say my parents loved coach, and we had alot of coaches from other schools at our house before that, that my parents did not care for. We all knew he was different. So before he left that night I commited to FSU! I love you coach Bowden! You were a great coach and mentor! I will miss you!!!!

Posted on 11/30 8:46 PM | IP: Logged

I golfed with him this year and drove him in the cart with the police escort etc... It was a cool experience to sit and chat with him about life and football. He was a hoot to play with. He played in mocassin type shoes with white high socks and he would chew his red man. It was the first time in a while I did not drink or curse during a round of golf out of respect and plus I was driving him around. He would call himself Robert with a bad shot and he would always give you the 1-2 foot putt. When we talked football, it was always about the old days, especially Warrick Dunn. It was a good time and I never would have imagined it being his last year as coach.

Posted on 11/30 8:51 PM | IP: Logged

One: Prior to a game at UVA, we were having breakfast at the Sheraton team hotel. As Bobby and Ann finished breakfast they stopped by our table on the way out and spent a few minutes in conversation. They did not have to do that.
Two: Any Riverboat Gambler play, however, I don't recall one after the Michigan game in '91. That's a long time ago.
Three: I will always love and respect Coach Bowden for all he has done for FSU. He brought us success and set the stage for success in the future.

Posted on 11/30 8:52 PM | IP: Logged

These are great stories.

My dad was a scout for the team when BB was an assistant and they were friends. Some times we hung out as families.
My dad became a successful businessman, but years later, in 1990, died a friendless penniless alcoholic. His burial service was very small at a Tallahassee cemetary that day. But BB was there to eulogize my dad, someone who could offer nothing in return, on a busy Sept weekend.

I have other memories of him, but that one might show the kind of man he is.

Posted on 11/30 8:54 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by tomahawk447:
One: Prior to a game at UVA, we were having breakfast at the Sheraton team hotel. As Bobby and Ann finished breakfast they stopped by our table on the way out and spent a few minutes in conversation. They did not have to do that.
Two: Any Riverboat Gambler play, however, I don't recall one after the Michigan game in '91. That's a long time ago.
Three: I will always love and respect Coach Bowden for all he has done for FSU. He brought us success and set the stage for success in the future.

How about the reverse pass from Warrick to Coles late in the 98 Gator game right after a long TD run by Minor had been called back?

Posted on 11/30 8:57 PM | IP: Logged

First time I ever met him.... 1976 after a win, I went to the airport to great the team. I was walking back to my car and Bobby was doing the same. I smiled and said something like "Good game coach." He slapped me on the back and said "Thank you, Buddy!" It wasn't much, but it made a young fan feel good. Met him many times since, but that is my favorite.

Posted on 11/30 8:59 PM | IP: Logged

Two quick stories: On the '04 coaches cruise my wife and I were in a taxi with Coach on the way to a golf course. Bobby started humming the "Mickey Mouse" song. My wife asked him why he was humming that tune. He replied as only Bobby could " I've played this course before, and it's a real "Mickey Mouse" layout". At the Bowden tour event in Sarasota in '03, as the local club president it was my "duty" to pick up Coach at the hotel take him out on the golf course for his pre-tee off warm up. He wanted to get away from the club house so we went out to a par three. I shagged balls for Bobby for about 15 minutes and then played caddie and tended the pin while he putted for about 10 minutes. Just Bobby and I on a foggy spring morning on a golf course, two of my best "Bobby" memories.

Posted on 11/30 9:06 PM | IP: Logged

My pastor is an FSU grad, and asked Bobby to come speak at our church on Easter Sunday 6-7 years ago. He absolutely packed the house, and captivated the congregation. The icing on the cake was my pastor arranged for me to be his personal driver back to the airport. With my wife and 1-year old son in the car, Bobby and I shot the bull for the 20-minute ride back to his plane on Davis Islands in Tampa.

Posted on 11/30 9:06 PM | IP: Logged

I met Bobby Bowden while completing a course of study at the University of West Virginia in the 1970s. I attended a local church on Sunday where I knew the pastor. After church he introduced me to Bobby Bowden, who treated me like a long lost brother. I couldn't believe it.

I moved to Florida in 1982, and attended the Gator Bowl game between FSU & UWV, in which FSU upset UWV and me. UWV had beaten UF in a bowl game the year before, and gator fans were there to be nasty.

Needless to say, I drifted into the FSU camp, and have enjoyed my associations with the Seminole Nation ever since. Bobby Bowden has been central to that privilege.

Thanks Bobby

Posted on 11/30 9:07 PM | IP: Logged

What a great thread. I have the feeling it will earn a tomahawk. My only face to face with Coach Bowden was at a fan day in the early 90s. I was a gawky middle school girl but he put his arm around me for a picture and called me "darling" or something similar and it made me feel like a princess.

Posted on 11/30 9:16 PM | IP: Logged

One of my fraternity brothers moved to Tallahassee after finishing undergrad at Furman. His girlfriend was applying to the newly created medical school and was struggling to hear back from the admissions committee. One of her friends suggested as a joke she write Coach Bowden and see if he would write her a letter of rec. Within a week, someone from admissions called to let her know that Coach Bowden had called on her behalf. He then called her on her cellphone and left her a message wishing her good luck and that he hoped he was able to help.

I thought that was unreal that he would call on behalf of someone her had never met simply because they asked for help. Great man.

Posted on 11/30 9:16 PM | IP: Logged

My moment comes from one of the most difficult times in our program's history, Devaughn Darling's death.

In the semester Devaughn passed away (Spring 2001), I was his Composition instructor (I was a young English TA then). It was a tough thing, as I found out about his death just before our class met, and I had to tell the class why he wasn't there. That was a horrible experience, I can tell you.

Anyway, Devaughn had just written and submitted a descriptive essay about his mother. It was an excellent essay, full of life and love for his mother. He'd received a very good grade, and I remember being excited for his effort. Unfortunately, Devaughn died before I could return the essay to him.

So, I went to the memorial for Devaughn that was held in Ruby Diamond. Afterwards, I stayed around, waiting for folks to clear out. I was looking to find Devaugh's mother to give her his essay. I know that may sound like an intrusion, but it was the only thing I knew to do - the only way I felt I could pay my respects. However, I did not find an appropriate opportunity to approach his mother before she left.

Instead, I found found Bobby, standing by the stage all alone. I had never met Bobby, but I went up to him anyway. I explained as quickly as I could why I was there. He was certainly having a difficult time. I handed him the essay, explained what it was, and asked if he could get it to Devaughn's mother. He quickly scanned the first page or so before looking up at me. I swear I could see his thoughts turn back to Devaughn and his mother, perhaps to their living room and his official visit.

"Mommas are special people," Bobby said. He folded the essay from top to bottom and put it inside his front suit pocket. Then he wandered off.

Of course, I can't say for sure that Devaughn's essay found its way to his mother, but I have to believe it did.

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I have seen him several times in Birmingham in the summer. He loves playing golf, and I was in that industry for some time.

One year my son (7 or 8 at the time) had a school assignment to write a book, cover to cover. It was great, hardback cover and all, about FSU football. There were hand drawn pictures of Doak, Willie Reid, Greg Carr, and of course, Coach Bowden. Even a fictional story of their record that season, which wasn't over when the short book was written.

The following summer I thought it would be neat to show the book to Coach before a golf tournament we were both playing in. At first he chuckled, seeing his picture from the mind of a 3rd grader. But then he stopped laughing, and surprising to me, took a real interest in the book, reading every page. It wasn't too long obviously, but seeing his reaction after learning a 3rd grader knew that much about himself, his program and players....truly got his attention, as if it surprised him. He signed the book to my son. It may be my most prized possession.

I've been in his office, I've played golf with him, been around his old buddies....have a lump in my throat now typing, but my favorite moment was when he handed me a small lapel of the Cross as a poster mentioned before.

He truly cares about people, his faith will always come first. He is the same person everyone sees on TV, and I hope I get to see my friend for a long time to come.

Posted on 11/30 9:35 PM | IP: Logged

This thread is making me cry.

My husband had decided to fly to Birmingham in the 90's when he received an invitation to attend Vaughn Mancha's induction into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. He loved Dr.Mancha, as he was "old school" from back in the day.

Bobby was there, of course, and Tom knew very few other folks there that evening. Dr. Mancha was so surprised that a couple of "Pete's Boys" had taken the trouble to come to Birmingham. Bobby went out of his way to talk about Tom, and even (in a completely teasing way) said "Y'all know that Tom was the last of those old slow white boys to hold the rushing record at FSU". Everyone had a laugh, and he appreciated Bobby's setting him at ease.

Tom thought it was amazing that Bobby even knew about him and went out of his way to say something nice about him in a roomful of good old boys from Alabama.

Posted on 11/30 9:36 PM | IP: Logged

I only met him one. At the Westin in Hollywood where the team (and I) were staying for the Orange Bowl a few years ago. I rode the elevator down with him. I was already on it when it stopped at his floor. I will never forget looking up at the door as it opened and there was Coach Bowden. I was about 35 years old at the time. I acted like a kid . . . completely giddy and in awe of the man. I was with my Dad who knows Coach Bowden, so we all stopped and chatted for a few minutes in the lobby. I was grinning for the rest of the night. He was so incredibly impressive in person - kind, but bigger than life. And looked 15 years younger than he does on TV.

Although I think it is for the best (for both the University and Coach Bowden), I am completely devastated that he may be retiring tomorrow. I have been a season ticket holder since I was 5 years old, but have never known FSU football without him. It will be very very strange to not have him on sidelines.

Posted on 11/30 9:39 PM | IP: Logged

I was only 8 years old the first and only time that I met Coach Bowden. My Uncle was the HC at Cairo and Coach Bowden was there recruiting players from Cairo. During the game my brother and I wandered over to Coach Bowden and asked him for an autograph. He obliged and started asking questions about my brother and I. We finally told him that our Uncle was Cairo's HC and he replied that "I should put in a good word for him with one of the players." I told my Uncle about it after the game he he smiled and said "that sounds like Bobby." My Uncle went on to coach in Valdosta years later and knows Coach Bowden very well today.

We have had the privledge of following a great coach and an even better human being.

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In 1989, my dad, a huge Bobby Bowden fan was diagnosed with cancer. I went away to FSU in the fall of 1990 - my dad getting Chemo and fighting for his life. I get tickets for me and my dad to go to the Blockbuster Bowl and by chance call up Ann Bowden and tell her about my father. She tells me to hang out outside the team locker room after the game and talk to Billy Smith and he will take me to Bobby. Sure enough, after the game, I see Billy, tell him my situation and he takes my dad and I into the locker room. He walks up to Bobby as he is doing his postgame press conference, whispers in his ear and Bobby stops the press conference. He proceeds to walk over to my dad and I and talk to us for about 5 minutes, takes a couple of pictures, wishes my dad the best, and then goes back to the press conference. While I believe it is time for Bobby to move on (so that he doesn't ruin his legacy more than he has), I will always remember Bobby for the classy things like this that he has done. He truly touched my life, and more importantly my dad's, with his kindness.

Posted on 11/30 11:12 PM | IP: Logged

I met Bobby and Burt Reynolds on the same day. I was only able to shake their hands. I think I might have said some awkward, incoherent sentences...

Still, the best day of my life.

Posted on 11/30 11:12 PM | IP: Logged

I had dinner with Coach last year at the Silver Slipper before the UF game. It was he and Ann, an old Alabama friend and family members from out of town. I was just tagging along.(its a long story how I got invited, but I did.)

I could not believe how alive and energetic Coach was. He remembered plays that had happened recently and even corrected some of the younger guys.(in a pleasant way of course).

He told us that he didn't think Ponder would be able to play against UF last year. He said Ponder could hardly move.(he did play but he was really hurting. He is tough.)

It was a dream come true. I was the proverbial "fly on the wall". I couldn't stop smiling.

Bobby was funny and gracious and had to excuse himself around 9pm because he had to meet a recruit at the stadium.

Absolute class guy. Hard worker. Legend.

Posted on 11/30 11:33 PM | IP: Logged

My favorite moments of coach Bowden were humor and openness. People don't realize that he was one of a kind in the late 70s-80s. Coaches back then were sourpuss tough guys. Closed to the media. they could barely talk.

When coach bowden got here he was open to the media and built his and the program's reputation not only on the field but as an entertainer. His personality brought more than the normal amount of postive attention to the program.

He was 20 years ahead of his time. Now they expect head coaches to be presentable and be able to put the uni. in a good light. He changed the whole landscape of college football.

I usde to love going to hear him speak. One favorite joke that comes to mind is his explanation of the situation that year at nose tackle. He told the audience how nobody wanted to play nose tackle because they got double-teamed and their brains beat in on every play. He then tells of a dlineman ( I forgot his name) they talked into playing it. he goes" we talked this boy into it and he thinks he's getting a promotion." Bowden then goes on to say " he doesn't know the meaning of the word fear" " AS a matter of fact we just got his report card and he doesn't know the meaning of too many words"

These jokes are old today but were fresh back then. Ther are a million of these stories.

Posted on 12/1 12:02 AM | IP: Logged

Personal, both of them.....

Had a chance to meet Bobby in 2004 during his call in show (less than 2 weeks after my wedding).
Had a few different things signed, two for me (a picture of "The Comeback", and a mini helmet) and one for my mother (a picture of the Wescott building). I asked him to personalize all of them, to so and so....
Later that year, I was fortunate enough to go to the banquet that was held for FSU and WVU for the upcoming Gator Bowl. I had an 8x10 blown up of a picture that had been taken during the call in show. When I asked him to sign it, he actually remembered that I was there with my newlywed when this picture was taken (she took it). To this day, I question myself as to why I was wearing a dark navy blue shirt.
But, I will never question the sincerity and mind of BB. It might have been the shirt, it might have been what he was wearing(usually wore the same thing during the call in shows), but when I told him when the picture was taken he truly remembered taking that picture.

I will have that (and the picture signed to me) the rest of my life.

Bobby, I truly appreciate and respect everything you have done for FSU!!!!!!!

I also respect you as a human being. If that was an ounce of what you gave during your tenure, then many young men, and The Florida State University, are better because of you!

Go Noles!!!!!!

Posted on 12/1 12:25 AM | IP: Logged

Cramming for a test at 6 AM on the hallway ground by Moore. He's the first one that walks in after me that morning and sees me ruffling through the pages before my 8AM exam. Before he gets on the elevator, stops looks at me and says "Boy. You'll do just fine, glad to have you working hand and hand with my players." Got a C on that test...

Posted on 12/1 4:28 AM | IP: Logged

Mine is a little different. I've had occasions to meet or be with Coach Bowden over the years, but the one experience that stands out for me had nothing directly to do with football. I was living in Michigan in the mid nineties when an a human interest article appeared in the Detroit News about a young boy who had tragically passed away from a birth defect. He never knew Bobby Bowden or met him, but was a huge FSU fan. His room was covered in FSU memoribilia; from trash cans to curtains to comforters; to posters. (Pictures accampanied the article.). So I send a copy of the article off to Bobby and ask if he had ever met the kid or knew of him. The handwritten reply came a few weeks later on the bottom of a letter Bobby had written to the boy's mother, expressing his sorrow for her loss. Coach's note to me simply said, "No, I never met the young man, but thanks for sharing this with me. Bobby."

Win lose or draw, he made us proud.

I sure hope Coach Fisher has some understanding of what he is getting into.

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This is an absolutely phenomenal thread.

Many thanks to all the contributors. Please continue to keep 'em coming.

Posted on 12/1 8:50 AM | IP: Logged

This is the best thread that I've ever seen on Warchant. Its therapetic as Barney Fife used to say. My favorite Bobby moment was about 10 years ago warming up on the putting green with my then 9 year old son. Bobby was also on the putting green and while getting into his cart to begin his round, he saw my son staring at him. He got out of the cart and walked across the green, shook my son's hand and chatted for a moment. Obviously based on this experience as well as the others posted above, he truely understands that its the little things that matter. I don't think he's any less of a man now, he's just a prime example of a driven, successful man that is aging and getting stubborn in his old age. We all know people like that. I don't think there has ever been nor will ever be anyone with the combination of coaching ability and character wrapped into one. There might be better coaches that are a-holes, or nicer guys that can't coach, but there will never be another Bobby.

Posted on 12/1 10:11 AM | IP: Logged

In 1999, I'm on the field at Clemson moments after BB wins his 300th in dramatic fashion. FSU fans are giddy and the field is covered with Seminoles celebrating. After BB gives his interviews, his escort attempts to get him off the field and they happen to walk up behind me. I turn to Coach and say "Piece of cake, huh?" And he winks at me and says, "Buddy, you ain't kidding!"

Hard to know just how many Noles were called "Buddy" over the years but I guarantee it felt special to every one.

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I got called Buddy, too! I was walking around Moore one day with my brother-in-law, and my friend Todd, whom owned a t-shirt company, walked in and said "Hey, do you want to meet Bobby?" "Heck yes!" I said, and we headed up to Bobby's office. Todd wanted to get Bobby's personal approval on the "Bobbarooskie" shirt that he had just designed. This was waaaay in the early 90's before all the licensing requirements. So, we all headed in to Bobby's office and Bobby shook my hand and said "Hey Buddy, how are you doing?" We all then proceeded to get some pictures of him from his secretary and he autographed them right there for us. I will always remember that day.

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Originally posted by sunset30a:
This is the best thread that I've ever seen on Warchant. Its therapetic as Barney Fife used to say. My favorite Bobby moment was about 10 years ago warming up on the putting green with my then 9 year old son. Bobby was also on the putting green and while getting into his cart to begin his round, he saw my son staring at him. He got out of the cart and walked across the green, shook my son's hand and chatted for a moment. Obviously based on this experience as well as the others posted above, he truely understands that its the little things that matter. I don't think he's any less of a man now, he's just a prime example of a driven, successful man that is aging and getting stubborn in his old age. We all know people like that. I don't think there has ever been nor will ever be anyone with the combination of coaching ability and character wrapped into one. There might be better coaches that are a-holes, or nicer guys that can't coach, but there will never be another Bobby.

Well said. I have a couple of great stories. One, I got lost with him in an elevator - he said to me "boy, you are about as confused as I am." Hilarious. The second one was at a booster dinner where he repeatedly referred to Snoop Minnis as "Scoop Minnix". You had to be there, but it was hilarious!

Always loved the guy!

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One person to keep in mind is his assistant, Sue Hall. No doubt that Coach is a great man; but she made him more accessible than he already was, probably making sure he got many of the letters that are referred to here.

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