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What made you start cheering the Noles? What was your first game? What was your Greatest game attended? First FSU Autograph?

My Mom and Uncle both attended FSU, so I was born Bleeding Garnet and Gold.

First Game was at age 5 in 1982, unfortunately was a loss to Pitt 24-20, don't think it hit me as hard as a loss does now.

Greatest game witnessed was "The Choke at Doak" Went to the game with my late Father, and will never forget him telling some Gator fan behind us to "eat that HotDog slowly cause we don't want you to choke like your team just did"

First Authograph was from Coach Bowden, the day before we played Memphis State in Orlando 1990
6/15 11:11 PM | IP: Logged I was born on a Saturday, November 29 and we were playing the Gates, my dad put a pair of AM/FM headphones on my head. So consequently one of the first voices I heard was ole' Gene a couple hours after I squirted out.

Best game I attended was at Doak in 2000, 30-7 WIN over the Gates.

First autograph, also Bobby Bowden.

Posted on 6/15 11:37 PM | IP: Logged

Growing up in Tallahassee makes it difficult to be a fan of any other college, plus my father and aunt are both Alumni.

Really I do not remember my first game as far as I know it was around the age of 3 sometime.

Greatest game that I have ever been to would also have to be the Choke at Doak, the most amazing comeback since I have been alive.

Really not sure who my first Autograph was from because I use to go to all of the Fan Days, the ones they had where actually in the football stadium with player out on the field. But my favorite autograph I have would have to be either Charlie Ward on a picture of him and me or the football I have signed by then entire team from sometime in the early 90's.

Posted on 6/15 11:54 PM | IP: Logged

From Nebraska, so all my relatives are Husker fans. My late older brother was a Miami fan. I LOVED seeing Nebraska get beat in the Orange Bowl, 1994, for the National Championship.

Feel in love with the speed & athleticism FSU displayed. Moving the safeties to LB, LBs to DE ... I was amazed.

Only game I've ever attended was the '04 Wake Forest game. Bobby Bowden became the all-time winningest coach that game. I chose a good one. Sat in the student section right at the goalline. Leon returned a punt for a touchdown. FSU had a lot of yards that game, too. Saw the whole team carry BB on their shoulders.

Posted on 6/15 11:56 PM | IP: Logged

Hated college fb until I watched a game in 93 when a qb threw a flare out to a freshman rb who took it 79yds to win the game. Can't remember their names though3dGrin

Posted on 6/15 11:59 PM | IP: Logged

I dont remember my first game. But I grew up in a small town near Tally. My mother was a long time employee before I was born and worked for Campus Rec and moved over to the Leach when it was built. So, the Leach is where I spent my summers getting ran over on the B-Ball courts by the college kids.(But I Digress). Anyway my first memory was I think 88, I was about 6 years old, Deion made the interception against Auburn in the Sugar Bowl.

Posted on 6/16 12:02 AM | IP: Logged

Officially became a fan in 1995 when I got my acceptance letter to FSU. I had already attended many FSU-Miami games at the Orange Bowl prior to this as my father was Canes season ticket holder in the 1980's through 1992. My first official game attended as a Nole was the 1996 Orange Bowl versus Notre Dame in the old Orange Bowl. Getting our butts beat until 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter and the rest is history......

Posted on 6/16 12:09 AM | IP: Logged

My whole family went there, and now i currently attend FSU, so it's hard for me not to be a fan. Been to so many games I don't remember my first one, but one of the best I went to was the thrashing we put on clemson (fake hand off game) or the 2003 Nc State game that went into double OT.

Posted on 6/16 12:44 AM | IP: Logged

born into the family......

Posted on 6/16 12:47 AM | IP: Logged

grew up a gator fan...father was a BUll gator...went to the FSU hoops camp...father and high school hoops coach were friends with Coach Kennedy...not Pat...the other one...also friends with Hugh "Sqeaky" Durham and Joe Willaims...started at UT...ended up at uf...the transferred to FSU to major in criminology when Vernon Fox was in his prime...actually remained a uf fan during my sophmore and first part of junior years of college...didn't become a FlamingNole fan until 1969...wasn't that I disliked FSU...just was a gate fan...pulled for FSU except when they played uf...when I learned from my gate friends how many of the ahd never attended uf...or even gone to a game....but, expected me to HATE FSU...I decided there was something HORRIBLY WRONG with 90% of the gate fans...sooooo I decided to pull for the school I attended....besides we had a GREAT Hoops/baseball/Track program back then..with decent seeing track back...can't wait til hoops follows suit....

Posted on 6/16 9:12 AM | IP: Logged

i dont remeber my first game but i was born and raised in tally so i reall yjust grew up liking them. my best game was my first fsu-gator game in 1998-99 seaspn when they had a fight before kickoff and rooster was qb cuz weinke had the broken neck. best experience of my life.

Posted on 6/16 9:23 AM | IP: Logged

My first FSU game was 1981 - Greg Allen was a freshman and he ran for 322 yards - ncaa record at the time.

The Clemson puntrooski game was the most unbelievable thing I ever saw.
We were sitting behind the Tiger bench and heard Deion tell them to all watch because he was about to take the punt return all the way back - he did!

Posted on 6/16 9:30 AM | IP: Logged

Well I can't remember when I started cheering FSU on... but my oldest, most vivid memory was the Choke in Doak... I was 13, and my uncle, mother and I were watching the game together, and since we were losing badly most of the game, I was really losing my temper... I must also mention my uncle is a gator fan... but in the 1% that isn't an idiot... So since i am losing my temper and getting upset, at the end of the third quarter my uncle suggests we leave to go get something to eat so that I can calm down... well I refused, I said "This game is NOT over yet"... well we know what happened next... and my uncle has never watched a UF FSU game with me since... and we are best friends, and go to other games all the time... so that shows a lot...

But my first game I went to was the Duke game here in Jacksonville... We blew them out of course, but it was amazing... Since then I have been to several games at FSU, and it still almost brings me to tears every time I enter the stadium, hear the warchant, watch the players warm up, it just is an emotional experience...

But other than my uncle, most of my family, which isn't much, is an FSU fan...

Posted on 6/16 9:42 AM | IP: Logged

My first game we beat mississippi state 17-6 in 1979. My favorite game was when we beat UF 23-12. When Weinke was hurt and we had the "rooster" shread UF's D.

Posted on 6/16 10:26 AM | IP: Logged

Became a Nole by default. I was born and raised in Tampa so all I ever heard about was Florida. Growing up the ONLY football games that were broadcast on radio were Gator games. They had a guy named Otis Boggs doing play by play.

However I was a pretty good football and baseball player in HS. My senior year I was selected to play in the N vs S HS All Star football game.

After the game coach Charley La Prad (who played at Florida, but coached at FSU) came into the locker room and offered me a chance to walk on at FSU. Also Danny Litwhiler was the baseball coach and he wrote and offered me tuition room and books to play baseball. So. off I went to Florida State.

By the end of my first semester I was IN LOVE with Florida State.

Never looked back. I have been a Booster member from the first year they existed, also I am a member of the Varsity Club.

I have been fighting Leukemia for 3 and a half years, which is a long time to be in remission. I HOPE to live long enough to see us return to be more highly regarded than Florida in football!!!! That is my ONLY wish!

Posted on 6/16 10:39 AM | IP: Logged

Born and raised in Tallahassee, FL by two Florida State grads. My first home game was when I was two years old and I have yet to miss a home game since. (1986-2006) That's 120 straight home games.

Doubt this is my first autograph but the first one I remember is from Deion Sanders and Amp Lee. My dad is friends will Billy Sexton and I was friends with Wyatt so Wyatt and Billy took me to an FSU practice in the stadium. It must have been a long time ago because it seemed like our locker room was somewhere where the band comes out of now.

I can't remember the first loss I was at but I can tell you the first loss I remember. That was 1991 vs UM Wide Right 1. I also had a panic attack at that game and I was only 7!

There are too many games to pick which one was the best I have ever gone to but my top six would probably have to be:
1. 1994 FSU vs Neb. (Orange Bowl) Noles win 18-16! Our First NC!
2. 1993 FSU @ ND (South Bend, Ind)Just a crazy game in a great atmosphere
3. 1996 FSU vs UF (First game against UF that year 24-17 Noles win!)
4. 1995 FSU vs UF "The Choke at Doak"
5. 1993 FSU @ UF (Warrick Dunn down the sideline for a TD)
6. 2000 FSU vs VT (What can I say total domination for our second NC!)

I can mention a ND loss in there but I can't mention a UM loss. There have been great games over the years but most of the great ones in my time, we lost. Everytime we have beat them it is either a blowout or a close sloppy game with no offense and that is not because it was two great defenses just really bad offenses so I can't put UM in any of y greatest games.

I was fortunate enough to attend FSU for 4 1/2 great years and am now in Law School so I plan on seeing many more great games in my day. GO NOLES!

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Posted on 6/16 10:43 AM | IP: Logged

Growing up in Orlando I was surrounded by gators so in fifth grade I chose the path less travled. Looking back on it now I realize, I was smart as hell for a Fifth grader.

Posted on 6/16 10:48 AM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by wilynole:
Growing up in Orlando I was surrounded by gators so in fifth grade I chose the path less travled. Looking back on it now I realize, I was smart as hell for a Fifth grader.

You would probably be pretty good on that new show "smarter than a 5th grader" 3dGrin

Posted on 6/16 10:52 AM | IP: Logged

I'm from Texas. But i started watching the noles when primetime became big and i've been on the bandwagon ever since. I have never been to a noles game but i hope one day i can. I've had the pleasure of meeting Damien Harrell, Clay Shiver, Kevin Emmanuel and Bobby Bowden. You know i think he was tring to recruit me but i was to old. The nole i would love to meet is Warrick Dunn.

Posted from

Posted on 6/16 11:00 AM | IP: Logged

I became a fan in the late 70's and enrolled at FSU in 1984. Graduated in 1987. I've seen many games, but one of my favorites was a game against Tulsa back in 1985. The game was a total blowout, final score 76-14 win for FSU. There was one play in that game which is probably one of my all-time favorites. Tulsa was moving down the field ready to score. I believe the 2nd or 3rd team defense was in. Anyway, Deion Sanders sets up the Tulsa QB into thinking he has an easy out route for a td. Deion had been sitting back waiting for/baiting the QB to throw th out. Well the QB fel for and Sanders jumped it and went 100 yds. for a td. There was some high stepping at the end too. The cool thing about the pick was that he caught in at full speed going the other way. There was a palyer within fifty yards of him when he scored.

Posted on 6/16 11:08 AM | IP: Logged

I became a fan in the mid 80s when we moved to Pensacola. I had grown up in GA before that and since my dad was a Tech alum, I saw many of their games. I also went to a lot of Auburn games bc we lived not too far from that campus (couple of hrs most).

I attended FSU in the mid 90s and had no doubt I would go anywhere else. I went to all of the national champioship games and had season tickets for awhile. Now with a family of my own, it's a little hard to get up to Tally for every game. Although, I still usually attend a couple. Greatest game attended was probably the 2000 Sugar Bowl Championship game. My first autograph was a football signed by BB and Peter Warrick while attending a preseason luncheon. I also got a picture with BB.

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Posted on 6/16 11:55 AM | IP: Logged

Grew up in Blountstown. Mother when to FSU for grad work for four summers and I attended the summer program at the then "Dem-school". Being a 'Nole came naturally. Didn't realize at the time what a lifelong treasure this would be.

The best game I attended was the first Doak Campbell FSU vs. UF game, 11-21-64, FSU 16 UF 7. The first time we beat them. Still remember the headline in the Democrat the next day. Photo of Steve Tensi being protected by the offensive line. Headline read "He could have worn a tuxedo".


Posted on 6/16 12:03 PM | IP: Logged

Started watching when Deion was earning an unawarded Heisman. Can't remember much until the 52-17 beatdown of the gates. Been diehard since. Saw '05 Miami game in Mosul, Iraq, 5 hrs after my last patrol. Saw '06 Miami game in a bowling alley, drinking by myself @ 9 am in Seoul, S Korea. Haven't been to a game since '02, I'm quite excited. I'll see you all in S Carolina.

Posted on 6/16 12:29 PM | IP: Logged

I first saw FSU play on TV in a regional telecast on ABC against LSU in 1978. It was the 1st year that FSU had there 1st undefeated team that went to the Orange Bowl and lost to Oklahoma for the 1st time. I was a freshman in high school at the time.

I loved the speed and the attacking style of the offense and defense. The offense was dazzling in those days and Bobby was not scared to run anything or do anything.

My love for FSU just grew from that standpoint and I loved the fact that FSU would play anybody, anywhere back in those days when they were building the program.

The only game that I have attended in person was the National Championship game against Nebraska in the Orange Bowl. The goal is to definately get to a game in Tallahassee.

Posted on 6/16 1:13 PM | IP: Logged

I grew up in a Cane household but Once I laid eyes on #17, Game Over. Been a fan ever since

Have never attended a FSU game live but Im making 2 Trips to see them this year. In J'ville for the UA game w/ my brother and up to Tally for the UM game w/ co-workers

dont have autographed memoribilia but have met several former players(Chollie, Travis Minor, Quan, etc.)and I went to Middle/High School w/ Bryant Mc Fadden

Posted on 6/16 1:41 PM | IP: Logged

My mother attended FSU. Loved it in Tally from the first time I went up there. Graduated from FSU and will always be a fan. Makes it interesting at Thanksgiving time, as my mother and I are outnumbered by gator fans!!!!

Posted on 6/16 3:48 PM | IP: Logged

Grew up in a split family, dad was FSU, mom UF. First game was with my dad at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, then it was the Tangerine in 84. Noles blocked a punt to tie the game towards the end and I was hooked at age 11.

Posted on 6/16 3:51 PM | IP: Logged

What made you start cheering the Noles? My brother made the smartest decision of his entire life and chose FSU. It quickly converted me and the parents into 'Noles. I actually cheered for Notre Dame for about 10 years before I found the 'Noles because my parents were not big on college football (born and raised in the NE and not fans of any schools). Notre Dame was simply because we were catholic and already had a natural hatred for the Gators.

What was your first game? Not the first game but the game that 'got' me was the Choke at Doak.

What was your Greatest game attended? 1998, FSU vs UF, 23-12. I absolutely love that game. I have been to more important games and more enjoyable games but I was watching the replay of the 1998 game the other day and just realized how much I enjoyed that game.

First FSU Autograph? Bobby signed a football for me many years ago with a message on it. I probably got a team poster or two signed before that but that signed football still sits on my desk in my office.

Posted on 6/16 4:03 PM | IP: Logged

I was in Gville visiting my sister(who was a student).I beleive it was 1977-78,FSU played the Gates that weekend and I beleive we won.I was overwhelmed by the speed.From that moment on I was a Nole.

Oh,by the way the fans were bad even back then.Then my sister transferred to FSU,i came and the rest is all good.

Posted on 6/16 6:16 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by nolemanb:

Originally posted by wilynole:
Growing up in Orlando I was surrounded by gators so in fifth grade I chose the path less travled. Looking back on it now I realize, I was smart as hell for a Fifth grader.

You would probably be pretty good on that new show "smarter than a 5th grader" 3dGrin

Are you kidding, I knew more then than I do now. The Florida education system and society have completely stifled my natural instincts and ability to look at life in an unbiased way. 3dGrin

Posted on 6/16 7:22 PM | IP: Logged

I moved to Tampa in 1980 and spent my summers in Tallahassee visiting relatives. I just became really comfortable with the town and when it came time to pick a school, it was the only logical choice. From Kellum Hall to the Phi Kappa Tau house (may it rest in peace) on Wildwood Drive, I've seen a lot of changes to the University.

My first game was the home opener my freshman year against Memphis State in 1985 (hence my handle). It was my first college football game ever and little did I know FSU would become what it is today. Heck, I was just happy to be in college let alone watch a dynasty and legend be born.

I think my first autograph was Charlie Ward signing my 1993 Seminole Football Schedule Poster. It is framed and follows every move I've made hanging either in the office or at home. I've been able to get more autographs since and have a Bobby Bowden signed mini helmet on the shelf as well.

My greatest Seminole sighting (not an athlete) was on a boat as I was traveling in Ireland to the Aran Islands on the Irish Coast. The islands only inhabit about 200 natives and the man sitting next to me was an FSU Alumnus wearing a Seminole sweatshirt. Small world.

I've been able to attend many games. Of course the 2000 Sugar Bowl in New Orleans is at the top of the list. I would also have to rank at the top: The 1995 Sugar Bowl (Fifth Quarter in the French Quarter), 2005 ACC Championship Game, The 1996 FSU-Florida Game at Doak (which we won 24-21) and everyone rushed the field, The 1998 Sugar Bowl (beating the Big 10 Ohio State Buckeyes) and Bowden Bowl I (Bobby's 300th win) in Clemson. I'm really looking forward to cranking up the magic again in the next few years and making those big game road trips.

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Posted on 6/16 9:17 PM | IP: Logged

My dad remarried, when i was 1 year old to a fsu alum, my step-mom. My dad got custitidy of my when i was 2 and took me to the clemson vs fsu game in 1993, 57-0.
The greatest game that i attended, that i remember would be the national championship game in 99.
My first autograph is a football signed by Bobby, Mickey, Derrick Brooks, Charlie Ward, and Warrick Dunn.

Posted on 6/16 10:41 PM | IP: Logged

Became a 'Nole fan because of my elementary PE teacher that was a FSU grad and fan. I really didn't know about college football then but around the same time, I started playing pop warner football and the two seemed hand in hand.

My first game was in 1992 when we played Nebraska in the Orange Bowl. Charlie Ward was just a Jr. that year. I think I was a freshman in high school then and one of my buddies made a sign of an 'ol country hick that said, "Farm Boys Go Home".

My first Gator game was in 1994, the Choke at Doak. I remember almost leaving at halftime because I couldn't bare to see anymore. I AM GLAD I STAYED!!!!!!!

My first autograph was of Charlie Ward at a football camp in Tallahassee before his Senior year. He was watching us on a knee from the side and when we were done we walked by him. The kid ahead of me asked him if he could get the autograph of the next Heisman Trophy winner, so I followed suit. Little did we know...........

I also got my first Bobby Bowden autograph the next day. He signed two pictures I had taken of him in the 1992 Orange Bowl game. I now also have a football with his autograph.

I wear an FSU charm and I have a tribal tatoo that has FSU written in the center of it. My SUV has FSU tags and stickers. I fly an FSU flag year round in front of my house (hasn't been so easy lately). I wear an FSU shirt to work at least three times a week and sometimes all week long. It is so bad that when I am not in FSU garb, people think I am sick. The bad part is that I am a huge New York Mets fan and when I wear Mets garb, people do quadruple takes at me because they think I am in Gator shiot. I would lose a years salary before I wore Gator shiot on my skin. Too much other knick knack items to mention. I think you get the point.

GO 'Noles

Posted on 6/16 11:00 PM | IP: Logged

3rd generation legacy...

Posted on 6/16 11:41 PM | IP: Logged

I grew up as an FSU fan and Gator fan in a small town near Tallahassee - I became a full fledged Seminole. My freshman year at FSU was in 1964. We played the Gators for the first time in Tallahassee and beat them for the first time. Coach Bowden was the recievers coach that year.
The Choke in Doak was the most exciting 4th quarter I have ever seen. The Charlie Ward come from behind victory against Georgia Tech in Atlanta was also a great 4th quarter.
The best away victory on TV that I have ever seen was our first win over Nebraska.That put FSU on the football map.
I graduated from FSU. My daughter, my wife, and sister all graduated from FSU.My step daughter will attend this fall at FSU as a junior. Her dad is a Gator.
I used to love to read Bill McGrotha's articles about FSU. Bill did not have one ounce of objectivity in him when it came to FSU sports. He was FSU sports to his readers.
Many Warchant readers complain about the Tallahassee Democrat sports page and that is your right to do.I received the Democrat while serving as an Infantry platoon leader in Vietnam. I would sometimes go two weeks without a paper, then I would get several at one time. I loved to read about the team and what Bill McGrotha had to say.The Democrat kept in me touch with home and FSU sports and I will never forget that.
It has been 43 years since I came to FSU as a freshman and I have more enthusiam for FSU football now than I had as an 18 year old.
We are so lucky to have so much football tradition.
GO Noles!!!

Posted on 6/17 7:49 AM | IP: Logged

As a highschool junior my daughter went to the senior prom with a guy whose family are huge Nole fans. I thought she was going to VATech but she said she was Tally bound. My wife and I joined some Nole lovers and we got hooked. I'm on this site every day, can't get enough.

Posted on 6/17 11:15 AM | IP: Logged

I attended Homecoming in 1968, Picked up an application, sent it in, accepted early, and the rest is history. I converted MOST of my family to cheering for the Noles over Alabama and Ohio State. Successfully converted my husband, (former ND fan for the same reasons as Animal's family). I've had only one failure, one niece that went to the dark side.

I don't have any autographs because we just weren't that famous then, but I have pictures. :) Too bad I don't have any of Bobby's BBQ from the summer that he arrived. :(

I've switched places with Animal. I'm living in the NE now and most folks are just not into football. That may start to change as it appears that UConn supporters are starting to become interested. BC is also garnering interest, as it is a favorite college choice in this area.

Posted on 6/17 12:52 PM | IP: Logged

Lived in Tallahassee and my aunt started taking me to the Pow-Wow when I was about 6 years old........that would make it about 1957 I guess. I was just amazed to watch the Chiefs drum section twirl their drumsticks and cymbals. Doak had only about 25,000 seats at the time. I went to many events at FSU from elementary school through high school, and enjoyed every visit I made. It's hard not to be a Nole fan under those circumstances.

I remember waiting until halftime when you could get in the football games free.......a necessity for a penniless high school student. Then my friends and I would tear off down the ramps to get across Gaines St. where my mom would pick us up........before the crowd got there. I did a nose dive in the ditch that used to run through the field on the South side of Doak, trying to beat the crowd one night. What a mess.

I went to TJC right out of HS, and applied to attend FSU later, after dropping out for awhile to get married. Unfortunately my country needed my services more that FSU did and I was drafted......but joined the air force instead. I never got to attend FSU, staying in the AF 21 years, but I still managed to get an associates, bachelors and masters degree along the way.

After many years rooting for the Noles from afar, and only seeing day after game results in the paper it's great to be able to follow my lifelong favorite schools accomplishments on a real time basis. The internet and Warchant are great.

Posted on 6/17 1:58 PM | IP: Logged

I love these questions. On January 1, 1980 I was 9 years old and my dad went to the Orange Bowl game and watched the 'Noles play the Sooners. I was mad that he took my step-mother instead of me, but he brought me home a Seminole pennant and an oversized foam cowboy hat (remember those). I still have that pennant, but in the next few years I attended UM games in Miami b/c that's where we lived. It was actually cool watching the Canes back then b/c they came from nowhere. Between 1980 and 1992 I pulled for the Canes first and the 'Noles next.

My first 'Nole game was in 1984 when FSU went to Miami and whooped them in the rain 38-3. FSU ran a trick play on the opening kickoff for a TD. I remember thinking that was awesome even though i pulled for the Canes.

Well in 1993, I went to FSU and the rest is history. I now only pull for the Canes when they play UF.

My favorite game is probably the 1996 Gate game. I was a senior and that place was sick. I contributed in the demise of the west endzone goalpost.
But I had nothing to do with the camera.

My first autograph was of course Bowden's, I got it on the 2000 Sugar Bowl ticket, and it's still hanging on my wall with the tickets of every other home game that year.

I'm disappointed with the last six years, but it's always great being Seminole baby.

Posted on 6/17 3:48 PM | IP: Logged

Been a Nole since the summer of '53 when I decided to change my decision to attend Florida and enroll at FSU. Attended a semester and went into the Army. Came back in '56, and graduated in '60.

Posted on 6/17 3:53 PM | IP: Logged

Hey Wake. We were contempararies. I started in '56 and graduated in '60. My first game was in '56 in Athens against Georgia after. We lost 3-0, but it was exciting for an 18 yr old Freshman.

Posted on 6/17 6:06 PM | IP: Logged

First time I started liking the Noles, I was watching the UM vs FSU game of 1987. That game had like 54 players going to the NFL. AMAZING!!!!! That game made me grow to appreciate FSU big time. Even though they lost, I appreciated them because I was initially gonna go to school there but ended up going across the tracks to FAMU.

Posted on 6/18 1:20 AM | IP: Logged

My entire immediate family attended Florida State.

My first game was the Blockbuster Bowl against Penn State. The best game I've been to was the '94 Orange Bowl('93 season). I had the best time at games when I was there between 2002-2005. The win against Florida in 2002, the come back against G. Tech, when we beat Virginia in 2004.... good times.

First autograph was most of the team from '93. I was able to greet them as they loaded the buses before they traveled to Notre Dame and they signed a football I had with me. I got Charlie, Ken Alexander, William Floyd, Scott Bentley, Matt Frier and many others I'm not too sure about. One of them looks like it could be Derrick Brooks. I also have a football from '99 signed by Jared Jones and Raymont Skaggs. Just got Bobby and Amato's signature a few months ago, hopefully my streak of autographs and National Championships keep going.

Posted on 6/18 2:21 AM | IP: Logged

First Game--93 vs N.C State(game after Notre Dame)

Favorite Game--05 UM( The Muff)The loudest that stadium has ever been for me.

2nd Favorite Game--06 Miami(First Tripp to the Orange Bowl)

I have a feeling that I may change the second one to the 07 Clemson Game.

Posted on 6/18 3:11 AM | IP: Logged

When PRIMETIME hyped the crowd at death valley then took it to the house,i was forever a nole fan. I am from new jersey never been to a home game,but they came to the meadowlands the season we won our 1st NC. 1st game of the season destroyed a poor kansas team something like 45-0. Felt like a kid in the candy store, yeah they were Bob Ucker seats but it was great.

Posted on 6/18 4:45 PM | IP: Logged

Born/Raised in Tally, grew up during the glory run of 14 years. Been to countless games, both parent's alum's. Went to first game at five(20 years ago), Favorite ATTENDED game was 96 FSU/UF, most recent game attended was UF game last year

Funny Resume Addition: Set up the Bowden Christmas tree several years in a row when I worked at Tally Nurseries in High School, met Ann and Jeff but never Bobby (at the house met him at one of the signing days briefly)

Posted on 6/18 4:54 PM | IP: Logged

My first game I got to see Greg Allen break records against Western Carolina or somebody like that. I am from Pensacola and so is he and it was just a blast. I stood under the stadium and by the fence where the players came through and saw Ron Simmons and his ungodly huge arms. His arms were as big as my legs back then. I have been a seminole ever since.

Posted on 6/18 5:24 PM | IP: Logged

My brother graduated from FSU in 1970. This was in the days when players and students roomed together. A player by the name of Phil Abraira was a suitemate of my brothers. I was hooked when he brought me my first "game used" football that was passed along to him from one of the guys I was all of six years old. We went down to Tally and watched an FSU vs. Wake Forest game and I was garnet and gold from then on. I'm now 47 yrs old and have been buying season tickets for many years. My sons have been hooked eventhough they attend other schools. I live in North Carolina and only see them a couple of times a year...but, I have been Nole thru and thru even since the Bill Peterson days....GO NOLES!!!!!!!!!

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My wife and I were married on the 50 yard line of Doak Cambell Stadium in 1992! Married for 14 years and going great.

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I was born in New Jersey. My dad has always been a nole so when our childern were born, dad told all of them that they are noles uintil the day the die. so 3 are FSU grads 7 more to go

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