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Fisher blasts 'awful' performance at B.C.: 'We're gonna get that fixed'

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After returning to Tallahassee and reviewing the film of Florida State's 35-3 loss to Boston College, Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher had much stronger words about his team's performance and outlook going forward.

In an interview with Warchant's Gene Williams, which was recorded Sunday evening for broadcast on Monday's "Wake Up Warchant" (97.9-FM in Tallahassee, 6-7 a.m.), Fisher said he will make sure the Seminoles will play at a much higher level going forward.

“The other games we lost, listen, we made technical errors at key moments," Fisher said. "But we competed very well. Our fans deserve better, as far as how we competed in this game. We’re gonna get that fixed. I promise you that. We’re gonna compete in games. That was the first time we lined up and just got beat. That’s very disappointing.”

FSU entered Friday's game with a 2-4 record, but three of those losses -- to N.C. State, Miami and Louisville -- were by a combined 13 points. The Seminoles are now 2-5 for the first time since 1976.

“We were awful in the game,” Fisher said. “We didn’t play very good in all three phases, and we have to coach better in all three phases. And that starts with me."

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