Rouse talks to the media

Freshman wide receiver Fred Rouse spoke to the media following Monday's practice on a variety of topics. Here is a transcript of that interview.
Will you be taking punt returns?
I don't know yet, but you know how it's looking now, I should be a candidate.
What did you think of the way you played on Saturday?
I mean that's for you guys to say, I don't really wanna start no controversy, but I think I did pretty good.
Did you feel confident catching the ball and all that stuff?
Oh man, I mean it's a natural man. I told them, I'm a special guy, special teams are one of favorites so I just try to get out there and show the guys that's my job.
What did the coaches say to you afterwards, they had some praise for you to us, but I was wondering what they said to you.
You know they had a lot of positive things to say, only negative was carrying the ball, it's just something I'm use to; I got to secure the ball. It's another level, a lot of guys like to go for the ball, so that was one of the negative things they said was just hold the ball. Everything else was good.
Where did that habit come from?
I don't know, I just can't run with the ball like this for some reason (tucks arm up)
Don't tell coach that…
I already did a couple stadiums tonight (laughs)
All of you have emerged and all the freshmen wide receivers are getting opportunities.
That just comes from unity. A lot of the guys just try to come together as one. It's not about 'oh he's starting, he's getting a lot of playing time.' If he's not getting a lot of playing time we pat him on the back and tell him don't worry about it, you'll get a chance. Everyone's accomplished something; we're ready to roll.
Is that just a matter that everyone got ready in the summertime?
Exactly. Come in the summer everybody is fresh, everybody is new, you're getting to know a lot of new people, a lot of people are still afraid from high school since it's a big transition but everybody is rolling now.
Do you feel there's something for you all to prove in terms of a breakout game since it was against The Citadel?
Oh yeah, oh yeah. Citadel, what can we say? Citadel. We got to prove against a team that's very competitive, that's very good against the pass. Once we prove that we can pass the ball against a good team then we can comeback and say we're a good unit and so forth.
You seem to play with an excitement that's very contagious.
It's just natural man, I'm gonna bring the funk to the field, I told you guys when I first signed, I'm gonna bring the funk to the field. You know once I learn the system, it's gonna get real ugly.
Do you get more nervous or excited when playing on the road?
There's no nervous, no scared, no bubbleguts, no nothing, When I go out on that field I'm ready to make something happen, anything.
What was it like as a receiver to practice on this field (field turf)?
I mean the turf is, you know, kind of stiff you have to watch your ankles but it's a great property man, I like it.
Because you know Boston College plays on this stuff…
Oh yeah, man I've seen it, it's gonna be an even advantage. We can come out, those guys will be use to it already, guys can make our regular cuts. I think it's great that they got this property.
What do you have to do to adjust to playing on this?
You got to take more chop steps, you can't get that good stick, you just got to chop and get you a couple good cuts out, but there's no just one hard cut and you gotta be out of your cut; it's got to be that chop then break.
Are you going to wear any special shoes?
Nah, some guys-a lot of offensive line had tennis shoes today with the cleats at the bottom, but a lot of us receivers still wear our cleats.
Do you feel a responsibility to welcome BC into the ACC in a special way?
Oh yeah, there's a lot of hype going on man. College GameDay's they gonna be there, those guys are gonna be pumped, real rowdy. They got a undefeated Florida State coming in that just beat Miami, you know, a lot of saying is going on, but we going out to prove we are number one, we gotta go to Pasadena, we want it.
If you do return punts will you cut back on playing gunner?
Oh no. I'm here for a reason, and that's to make a contribution if it's just gunning, running down and stopping the punt, punt returns, or just punt returning it and getting a little funky with it, just bringing something to the table to get my team hyped.
Do you think you bring more to the table when it's a tough opponent and a defensive struggle where special teams is big?
Citadel was you know, kind of down, but Miami and BC they're great teams and it's a chance to prove my potential.
What have you learned about the adjustment to this level, getting off the ball and that stuff?
Honestly, I haven't had that. I haven't had the challenge yet. A lot of guys, you know--I got the height, the speed, and I kind of- you know, I thought Miami was going to do a lot of pressing but it was unbelievable they kind of stayed back and they were switching three of four people.
So you haven't really had the jam yet?
I haven't had the jam yet. Well I had it, Greg Threat which I…put it on 'em.

Transcribed by Aslan Hajivandi
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