Summer QA: Alex Boston

Along with most of the 2003 recruiting class, defensive end Alex Boston did not see action in his first year and took a redshirt season. The two-sport athlete followed that up by primarily sitting on the bench during baseball season. With a year now under his belt, the 6-foot-3, 260-pounder is hoping to make an impact on the football field 2004.
Q: How does it feel to have the summer voluntary workouts concluded?
Alex Boston: I am feeling really good, those twelve 110s just about got the best of me though but other than that things are alright.
Q: What were your goals for this offseason?
Alex Boston: My main goal was to be strong as possible while remaining as fast as possible and just really going into two-a-days and being healthy.
Q: How did the summer go for you in terms of accomplishing what you set out to at the beginning?
Alex Boston: It went real well. Actually I enjoyed it quite a bit. I worked hard and felt like that I got much stronger. I put on a little bit of weight and everything else that I wanted to add. I am feeling real good right now.
Q: What is your weight up to now?
Alex Boston: It is at 260 right now.
Q: What do you want your weight to be on September 6th?
Alex Boston: Well, hopefully stay at 260 as long as the coach’s don’t run us too bad in two-a-days and try to get that weight off of me. Right now I feel comfortable and I feel I can run with it and I am not going to be pushed aside with it. Right now it is feeling real good for me.
Q: What does the upcoming grueling schedule of two-a-days mean to you?
Alex Boston: Two-a-days for me personally means that I want to be in the rotation this year. For me personally it is not scary, it is simply a time to come out and start working hard and putting yourself in a good position. It is also a good time to learn as much as you can and being at your best by the time you are going into the season.
Q: What is your impression of the defensive line as a unit, especially concerning the veterans Brodrick Bunkley and Travis Johnson?
Alex Boston: To be quite honest with you I kind of like the group that is coming behind those guys because all of us are going to be here for a long period of time together. The experience of playing behind them and those guys coaching us along and helping us out and letting us know what is good and what is not in different situations is really going to mature us as ball players behind them. You will probably see it more along the end of the season than you will at the beginning of the season.
Q: How big of leaders are Bunkley and Johnson with the defensive line unit this offseason?
Alex Boston: They have been very inspirational and very helpful for the younger guys. I feel that they have really taught us to finish everything we do no matter how tired we get or how hard the coaches are pushing. We just got to finish it and keep on working hard at it and it will come to us sooner or later.
Q: What does opening the season on Monday night against Miami mean to you?
Alex Boston: All I can say is that they disregarded me personally as a defensive end down there because they thought I was going to take the money for baseball or whatever. I kind of took that as n offensive with them not looking at me. Hopefully I can pull out some sacks or make some big plays against them and that will spark up my team and we will go from there and hopefully pull it out down there in the Orange Bowl.
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