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FSU QB commit Parson 'locked in,' talks recruiting other prospects

Florida State brought in many key targets and gained ground with a number or prospects during Saturday's Elite Junior Day.

Also in attendance were several of FSU’s current verbal commitments, including quarterback Chris Parson.

After his two-day visit that wrapped up on Sunday, Parson discussed what he enjoyed about FSU’s first spring practice and how he is helping out the ’Noles recruit other top prospects.

“It was great. I had a great time. Finally got to see Coach [Mike] Norvell, Coach [Austin] Tucker, Coach [Alex] Atkins. See them in action, coaching. I enjoyed that very much,” Parson said. “Seeing them on the field, attentive. Trying to pick up things and learn. It was great. I enjoyed it all.”

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FSU quarterback commit Chris Parson chops it up at FSU's Elite Junior Day.
FSU quarterback commit Chris Parson chops it up at FSU's Elite Junior Day.

Parson broke down what he saw during FSU’s practice and also revealed that he watched film from the session with the coaching staff afterward.

“I just saw everybody locked in. The quarterbacks, they were ready to go,” Parson said. “Just learning the ins and outs of the offense. While I was there, everyone was attentive, taking each rep seriously, learning from Coach Norvell. Trying to pay attention to that and things that I can learn.”

Another FSU staff member Parson watched very closely was new FSU quarterbacks coach Tony Tokarz.

“It was great, it was great. I talk to Coach Tokarz every day, Facetime him every other day. Seeing him actually coach was something that I realty wanted to see when I got up here,” Parson said. “Being able to get a chance to see that, that was really important and I was impressed for sure.”

The Tennessee product continued on his rapport with his possible future position coach at FSU.

“I love Coach Tokarz. We’ve built a really strong relationship. I got a lot of love for that man. He’s a really good coach but even better person,” Parson said. “Real close bond, cares about me a lot. We’re only going to keep getting closer. I am excited to play for him one day. ...

“That was really my main focus, seeing how Coach Tokarz goes about things. Also seeing the other coaches as well,” Parson said. “I got to see Coach Atkins coach, Coach Norvell with the quarterbacks. I got to see him interact with A.J. [Duffy] with him being a freshman, and then interacting with Jordan as well, who’s been here. It was good.”

Several former FSU players were in attendance on Saturday, and Parson recapped what it was like to be around former Seminole standouts.

“It was great, learned a lot. They gave us a lot of words of wisdom. I was just soaking it in and trying to learn,” Parson said. “It felt good to learn from guys who played at Florida State.”

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While enjoying his own visit, Parson also “did a whole bunch” of recruiting other uncommitted prospects around him to join the FSU’s class. He said, “it was great to get everyone up here,” connecting with other recruits and their families.

FSU already earned one commit from the Elite Junior Day, adding defensive tackle Keith ‘KJ’ Sampson. Parson said that was a big get for FSU and said that he spent a lot of time with Sampson during the visit.

Parson also discussed recruiting other offensive players extensively, like wideouts Santana Fleming, Hykeem Williams and Brandon Inniss, along with several offensive linemen.

“There’s a lot. A lot of linemen I feel like we have a chance with,” Parson said. “There’s so many more guys. We had a lot of guys up here that were really talented. … I feel like we put our best foot forward in recruiting, and I am excited to get back up here for the spring game.”

The talented quarterback said he participated in a camp with the five-star Inniss way back when they were in the sixth grade.

“Just letting him know, man, that this is the place to be. He was really impressed. He was coming in with an open mind. He wasn’t really sure what to expect, but once he got here, he was really impressed,” Parson said. “To see him in person and talk to him, great dude. I enjoy being around him.”

Parson added that he appreciates the opportunity to help out FSU in upgrading the 2023 signing class.

“That’s one thing that I love about the staff here at Florida State -- they allow me to be very hands-on and in the loop,” Parson explained. “If they have a guy that they want and they are liking, they’ll connect me with him, and I’ll do my thing as far as recruiting.

“That’s really what I appreciate the most. They promised me whenever I committed that this is going to be my Tribe. I was going to be able to have a chance to build my class. And they’ve been letting me do that. It’s been great.”

Lastly, Parson confirmed how committed he is with FSU.

“I am super locked in, 100 percent," he said. "Nothing has changed. The coaches, they understand. That’s really all that matters is the relationship with the coaches. I’m just excited to get down here for good.”


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