football Android iPhone app has launched

Announcing the Official Smart Phone App
Jb6wag22us8yvmejmswy app for iPhone and Android devices updated 8/2013 (It's Free!)
Android phone/tablet and iPhone/iPad users can now keep up with Florida State athletics and recruiting at all times with our app (updated 8/2013). It's totally FREE to download! All of can be accessed including the latest headlines, features, interviews, multimedia, photos, message boards and more right at your finger tips with this new app.
Just go to your phone's/tablet's app market and search for "" and look for the
The app is listed under snAppDevelopment.
Or go directly to one of these links to download:
To access premium content you must be a subscriber. You try it out with our free seven-day trial or call 1-866-2-RIVALS to sign-up.
You can also access our wireless page directly from your mobile device at
If you have any questions about the app please email us at