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Promotion for $99 certificate to the team store

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Get $99 in FREE FSU gear!!
Offer ends on Saturday, Sept. 6
Florida State will look to defend its national championship behind Heisman winning QB Jameis Winston this fall. Warchant.com will be all over Seminole football in the coming months with unmatched wall-to-wall coverage of the Seminoles. Also, FSU is making another run towards another top recruiting class. Don't miss this sizzling football season offer!
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Any new user who signs up for an "Annual" Warchant.com subscription and enters the promo code rivals99 will receive a $99 digital gift certificate code to the Warchant FSU Fan Shop, and that includes FSU national championship gear, the new FSU jerseys, coaches' polos and more! You can also get apparel from your favorite NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB team.
The digital gift certificate codes will be sent to the email address associated with your Rivals.com account within 7 days after you are billed $99.95 and following the completion of any available free trials.
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Questions or to sign up via phone: 1-866-2-RIVALS
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1) Call 1-866-2-RIVALS (option #3 for Rivals.com Customer Care) and request to upgrade to an Annual subscription - mention rivals99 or 2)Go to the Warchant.com sign-up page enter rivals99 in the coupon code field on that page before clicking the "Upgrade Now" link. Please enter rivals99 with NO CAPS.
3) Already an "Annual" subscriber?
Call 1-866-2-RIVALS Monday-Friday of the promotion through Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014 (option #3 for Rivals.com Customer Care) and request to renew your current Annual subscription early and add an additional 12 months for $99.95 during that call and mention the rivals99 special. Twelve months will be added to the months you've already paid for. You will then be eligible to receive a $99 digital gift certificate code to Rivals Fan Shop.
This is a limited time offer that ends on Sept. 6. Questions? Check out our FAQ Page. Still need an answer? Call 1-866-2-RIVALS, email rivalspromo@yahoo-inc.com
NOTE: You will receive your $99 digital gift certificate code within 5-7 days of subscribing or upgrading. If you haven't received it by then or have other questions please email rivalspromo@yahoo-inc.com.