Seminoles excel in the classroom

Florida State's rise in the Director's Cup standings during the spring semester mirrors unprecedented success in the classroom by FSU student-athletes. A school-record 193 student-athletes earned a spot on the 2006 ACC Honor Roll. That's 23 more than the 2005 total.
"We continue to be proud of the commitment to success our student-athletes have shown in the classroom," said Mark Meleney, FSU's director of athletic academic support.
Meleney and his staff of academic advisors can also take pride in the number of student-athletes who earned perfect 4.0 GPAs – and a spot on the President's List – this past semester. Nineteen FSU athletes earned perfect GPAs.
That list includes two athletes who earned All-American honors in their respective sports this spring – women's golfer Caroline Westrup and cross country/track star Tom Lancashire.
Freshman football players Matt Dunham and Myron Rolle also earned perfect 4.0 marks during their first semesters on campus.
Meleney's staff can also boast about 68 athletes who earned a spot on the university's Dean's List, awarded to students with a 3.5 GPA or higher.
Among the Dean's List honorees are a handful of athletes who shined academically while their season was in full swing.
Included in that group were baseball players Bryan Henry, Michael Hyde, Buster Posey and Luke Tucker. Track's Andrew Diakos and Garrett Johnson and softball players Kim Hoffer, Natasha Jacob, Melissa May and Veronica Wootson also made the list.
The women's tennis team claimed the highest team GPA on campus with a 3.507 mark. Women's cross country (3.361), women's golf (3.254) and men's cross country (3.152) were next.
Women's swimming (3.099) and men's swimming (3.011) also had team GPA's over 3.0.
The average individual GPA for the semester was 2.849.
President's List (4.0 GPA)
Matt Dunham, football
Daniel Parvin, football
Myron Rolle, football
Todd Galloway, basketball
Tom Lancashire, cross country
Jeff Vivo, swimming
James Cook, track
Javier Garcia-Tunon, track
Kirsten van de Ven, soccer
Carey Galuppi, softball
Nikki Anthony, basketball
Stefanie Bechler, cross country
Adreienne Lufkin, cross country
Carolina Larsson, golf
Caroline Westrup, golf
Katie Ronan, swimming
Lisa Nystrom-Skold, tennis
Pamela Arnedos, track
Audrey Hand, track
Deanna Lane, track
Hillary Palumbo, track
Lydia Williemse, track
Dean's List (3.5 or higher GPA)
Bryan Henry, baseball
Michael Hyde, baseball
Buster Posey, baseball
Luke Tucker, baseball
Itam Antigha, football
Darrell Burston, football
Marcus Gadson, football
Rodney Gallon, football
William Herrington, football
Ron Lunford, football
Korey Mangum, football
Christian Ponder, football
Andrew Quick, football
Jeremie Samuel, football
Wyatt Sexton, football
Jerome Walters, football
Drew Weatherford, football
Luke Beevor, cross country
Chris Nickinson, cross country
Adam Wallace, golf
Brendan Burke, swimming
Peter Crane, swimming
Paul Erben, swimming
Alex Kennon, swimming
Steve Roof, swimming
Sam Chang, tennis
Stefan Shaw, tennis
Jordan Bradshaw, track
Bruce Chapman, track
Charles Cotton, track
Andrew Diakos, track
Garrett Johnson, track
Jordan Bryant, soccer
Libby Gianeskis, soccer
Brittney Marriott, soccer
Katrin Schmidt, soccer
Melissa Wheeler, soccer
Kim Hoffer, softball
Natasha Jacob, softball
Melissa May, softball
Veronica Wootson, softball
Sarah Griffin, volleyball
Jessica Skower, volleyball
Zrinka Tomic, volleyball
Ganiyat Adeduntan, basketball
Tiffiny Buckelew, basketball
Alicia Gladden, basketball
Mary Magee, cross country
Kaley Matthews, cross country
Ashley Montagnese, cross country
Meredith Urban, cross country
Candace Walls, cross country
Kristin Walls, cross country
Christina Woytalewicz, cross country
Whitney Brummett, golf
Jaclyn Burch, golf
Erica Gonzalez, golf
Ashley Kemp, golf
Kristin Sordel, golf
Michelle Steakin, golf
Romy Altmann, swimming
Sarah Huntwork, swimming
Tapiwa Marobela, tennis
Alina Mihailescu, tennis
Anna Rynarzewska, tennis
Nicola Slater, tennis
Carolin Walter, tennis
Kandia Batchelor, track
Porsche Bonnett, track
Leilani Caraballo, track
Kirsten Hagen, track
Naikeya Heath, track
Lacy Janson, track
Latoya Legree, track
Dana Massiah, track
Leah McNaughton, track
Cynthia Niako, track
Katie Purcell, track
Jessica Rushing, track
Erin Voss, track
3.0 GPA or better
Travis Burge, baseball
Brian Chambers, baseball
Charles Cleveland, baseball
Danny Diaz, baseball
Neil Malpass, baseball
Brent Marsh, baseball
Stephen Ochs, baseball
Jack Rye, baseball
Mark Sauls, baseball
Josh Spivey, baseball
Ryan Strauss, baseball
Brian Blasewitz, football
Cory Brookins, football
Greg Carr, football
Kevin Crowley, football
Paymon Forootanshad, football
John Frady, football
Michael Gianeskis, football
Richard Goodman, football
William Hubbard, football
Tommy Keane, football
Benjamin Lampkin, football
Roosevelt Lawson, football
John McKnight, football
Brent Moody, football
D.J. Norris, football
Jesse Outlaw, football
Edwin Pierre, football
Antone Smith, football
Jae Thaxton, football
Wlaa Weeks, football
Jared Whipkey, football
Matt Zitani, basketball
Richard Andrews, cross country
Kevin Cook, cross country
Jason Lakritz, cross country
Andrew Lemoncello, cross country
Eddie Rodriguez, cross country
Jonas Blixt, golf
Jacob Davis, golf
Jason Beinlich, swimming
Scott Derner, swimming
Jared Heine, swimming
Carl Marais, swimming
Mark Nicholls, swimming
Michael Rice, swimming
Kyle Young, swimming
Andrew Bailey, tennis
Jason Hood, tennis
Chris Westerhof, tennis
Alvara Bada, track
Matt Firth, track
Alex Miletich, track
Hubert Mitchell, track
Cedric Nabe, track
Tommy Noyes, track
Elliott Wood, track
Sel Kuralay, soccer
Viola Odebrecht, soccer
Kelly Rowland, soccer
Colette Swenson, soccer
Jessica Vaccaro, soccer
Michelle Snyder, softball
Kim Crawford, volleyball
Mara Freshour, basketball
Dranadia Roc, basketball
Shante Williams, basketball
Ashley Andress, cross country
Tina Biedenharn, cross country
Laura Bowerman, cross country
Laura Cullen, cross country
Amanda Hahn, cross country
Meredith Kelly, cross country
Courtney Laster, cross country
Julia Vola, cross country
Cathleen Willy, cross country
Abi Wilshire, cross country
Lauren Cousart, golf
Kim Haskins, golf
Carissa Hanna, swimming
Elise Hatfield, swimming
Georgia Holderness, swimming
Abbie King, swimming
Brittany Lerew, swimming
Megan Matherly, swimming
Kathyrn Metka, swimming
Janine Parienta, swimming
Stacy Rademacher, swimming
Caroline Robertson, swimming
Katie Skaggs, swimming
Whitney Eber, tennis
Miranda Foley, tennis
Jacintha Anderson, track
Laura Barner, track
Quiana Holsey, track
Brittany Janson, track
Danielle Laramee, track
Lindsey Nelson, track
Keyla Smith, track
Charlene Walker, track
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